Ninjas: the Two Worlds


this is my second game. i know my first game hardly even started yet. oh, well this is what my game is going to be about

you are a child, you have no parents, but then you get adopted by a ninja trainer aka sensei. This is set in a ninja world, so thier won’t be any cars or any type of tecnollogy, its kind of like naruto. But the story is different, itstead of ninja’s fighting ninja war, the ninja’s fight aliens. here is a description of the aliens: they have wierd looking machines, which shoot out iron. but they look just like the ninja’s. any ideas on what the aliens are?


Well in Naruto they did have a TV in one episode…


well its not exatcly like naruto


That’s amazing.


i hope you guys like the game


ninjas vs aliens? …interesting


its more interesting when you figure out what the aliens actually are


Ninjas vs the army very interesting


Well I’d have to see the plot more depth before i can pass judgement for sure, but seriously? Ninjas vs Alien!!! original much!!! Thats more…*unique*… than Cowboys vs. Aliens.


k the demo will be on in a week


k i need to know who is still with me here is whats going to be in the story.
i can not tell you anymore about the plot until the demo is released.
but if you have any ideas for my story just say em here, and thier is going to be a squad with you just like in naruto.


you will have your first mission before the demo ends.


what is a good ninja name?


why don’t you just give the player the choice to name the character? it will be easier then having to come up with a bunch yourself.


how about cango
and yondo


no the player chooses his own name. but i can’t let you choose your teamates names.
thats going to be too hard iam asking for 2 names of your teammates that you prefer.
both boy names


I could help you out with the names. But question is, will there be a chance for a female protagonist?


i don’t have good gramer.
what deos protagonist mean


The main character.


do i need help with making a names for teammates.
but yeah there is a female choice