Nightmare Maze


I can’t figure out how to get enough Insight to go beyond the first section of the game.


Let your wife sleep
Fly out the window
Go to the fireplace
Will a fire into being
Punch him
Fly away
Head towards the fire
Fight them
Stop the rock with your mind
Umm…not sure…
Turn around
Make the flowers grow
Ask them what is happening
Call to your father
…And then groan because after and hour of research you find out that this story never continues. If by “the first section of the game”, you mean the end, then groan twice.


Thanks. I thought that it would go on longer, but I guess the only thing that I had not gotten to see was the father stuff in the last few scenes.


Actually, a sequel (?) called Sons of the Cherry will be released in the next week or so.


Really?!!! YES!!! FINALLY!