Tomb of the Khan

Seems to have just been released. Anyone else had a look? What I’ve seen is interesting but I keep randomly dying (and not far in) which is frustrating. Any hints?

(btw I haven’t left a review yet in case the author thinks the unnamed one on there is me. Just asking for some hints. Thanks Eiwynn)

Fight everything and remember Lovecraft horror means twisting reality.


Fun little game :slight_smile: Worth picking up imo :slight_smile:

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finished all the endings. game doesnt make a lick of sense. tons of things contradict each other. Expected to have 10000 replies in the topic trying to figure the game story out lol. pretty surprised by the extremely low amount 0_0. it is scary and at one point incredibly disgusting,but that is all it has going for it. i would love to know how even the author managed to make sense of it. :frowning:

dont misunderstand,the author is very talented in scaring you. unfortunately,it seems like either he made scaring you the entire point and completely ignored the story. or,possibly,made the actual explanation so freaking impossible to figure out.