In the Tomb of the Khan - Testers Needed!


Hello all, I just wrapped up the 53,000th and final word of this little game, and am curious as to how it turned out. You play as an archaeologist in Central Asia, looking for the lost tomb of Genghis Khan (true story: it’s still totally lost). You find it… along with the Lovecraftian horrors within.
Very dark, with dark humor and over 20 uniquely gruesome deaths!
If you’d like to be a beta tester, please email me at tmaterno [at] yahooooooooo, and I’ll send you the link. This is my first game (and attempt at programming since 6th grade Logo games), so any and all feedback is welcome!


Not sure if this affects your game at all, but supposedly the reason why we haven’t found it is because Gangis didn’t want a massive grave in his honor, but rather a small unlabeled one.


The Mongols are fascinating as a culture. Absolutely love it. I’ll be emailing you.

Have you heard Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History episodes “Khan of Khans?” Might provide some additional flavor :slight_smile:


papa told me to never trust strangers over the internet :fearful:


I hadn’t heard of Carlin before, but I have now!


Hrs really really good, when he actually makes a show!


I’d love to beta-test


Didn’t followers of Tengri go for sky burials? That is to say, being eaten by carrion birds?


There is a well-known search for the Tomb of Ghengis, and he accepted “all faiths” in his empire because basically he wanted to be in the good graces of all the gods he could! Kind of like a lottery.

EDIT: Wow, Ghengis was killed by an arrow in the knee! LMAO

EDIT: [wikipedia]
Marco Polo wrote that, even by the late 13th century, the Mongols did not know the location of the tomb. The Secret History of the Mongols has the year of Genghis Khan’s death but no information concerning his burial. In the “Travels of Marco Polo” he writes that “It has been an invariable custom, that all the grand khans, and chiefs of the race of Chingis-khan, should be carried for interment to a certain lofty mountain named Altaï, and in whatever place they may happen to die, although it should be at the distance of a hundred days’ journey, they are nevertheless conveyed thither.”

Marco Polo writes of Chingis-khan’s death:[3]

But at the end of those six years he went against a certain castle that was called CAAJU, and there he was shot with an arrow in the knee, so that he died of his wound. A great pity it was, for he was a valiant man and a wise.

— Marco Polo, The Travels of Marco Polo, Book 1, Chapter 50
Other sources name the area of the Burkhan Khaldun mountain as his burial site (roughly 48.5°N 108.7°E). The area near the Burkhan Khaldun was called the Ikh Khorig, or Great Taboo. This 240 square-kilometer area was sealed off by the Mongols, with trespassing being punishable by death. Only within the last 20 years has the area been open to western archeologists.


Yep, I knew about the Ikh Khorig, and that’s where this game takes place. Plus, that area has been guarded for hundreds of years by the Darkhad, which is just about the coolest-sounding name for a group of invincible assassins I’ve ever heard.


Shot you an email! I would love to help with the editing.