Looking for games set in Ancient Egypt and medieval/modern Asia

Hello everyone! For the past couple of days I’ve been an avid lurker around here reading a wide variety of people’s works, be they finished or otherwise. I’m a bit of a bookworm and I can enjoy almost anything you can throw at me, however, I noticed a distinct lack of games in two of my favorite settings - Ancient Egypt and medieval/modern Asia.

I did some research and the latter has two amazing titles - Samurai of Hyuga (by @MultipleChoice) and Y U G E N (by @Ros_e), which is still a WIP, but, aside from that, there’s nothing else. As for games set in Ancient Egypt… there’s just none. So now I’m curious to know if you guys are aware of anything, any project or WIP that may be of interest to me? Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


Choice of Alexandria takes place in “Ancient Egypt” Also Choice of Kung Fu and a few others take place in Asia.


Well, @adrao’s former WIP Tokyo Wizard was recently finished.


Forgot to mention that I already played “Choice of Kung Fu” and “Choice of Ninja”. :slight_smile:
As for Alexandria, I thought it was more Byzantine than Egyptian… but I’ll take a look nonetheless!

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“First Year Demons” takes place in China - it is chock full of lore as well.


Samurai of Hyuga takes place in what I assume is medieval Asia.

Yes, but I already mentioned Samurai of Hyuga in my original post, now I’m looking for other games in a similar setting.

There’s a very good, historical Japanese WIP by @Johnny101 here:

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It takes place under Ptolemaic Egypt. So, Egyptians ruled by Macedonian Greeks. I haven’t read through it, but it looks like it features a mix of Egyptian and Greek characters. It’s a period with an interesting mix of cultures.

Depending on what it is you’re after, this might be delving a bit far afield, but Choice of the Petal Throne could also be intriguing. It takes place on Tékumel, a fantasy world with a distinctly non-European culture, which definitely draws on Asian elements… though there’s plenty of elements from elsewhere as well, and a good deal of uniqueness too. Obviously not historical at all, just something that could be intriguing to someone who is looking for a different sort of cultural setting.

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