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Sounds intersting, I’ll be tracking this.


At the beginning, if you go to Stats then Readings, it gives an error saying prevOption is undefined.

It’s sounds good is there powers or no since it’s called dark matter

This looks great and I cant wait to play more, but is the one choice regarding appearance a fake one, or have you not written the text for it?

I plan on having a more diverse set of options for physical appearance. For now it is just placeholder text.

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I really liked the feel while I played. The concept is good and the features you suggest are seriously wicked. I feel like your game is gonna be seriously amazing when finique. Can’t wait to see what’s in store. Good luck and bally Writing.

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There’s a bug looping you back to the choice of ‘mysterious piece of paper’ or w/e if you choose the top option afterwards. Haven’t checked if it did it for the other choice too.

Something I would love to see is choosing your height, it can make a difference in how you have to fight against someone

I found a bug in your stats screen, when you select Douglas’s option.

Anyway, your game seems really interesting and I look forward to seeing the main story. The character we play seems very malicious towards Douglas, though. Are you planning on including neutral options or is the character hatred of Douglas a fixed point in your story?

A question though: in the story Yuki-Onna, there are things that look a lot like footnotes, but there are no footnotes in the story. Is this to be added, or something else?

Thanks for reporting the bug!

To address the character’s seeming hostility towards him; you do bring up an excellent point! I might have gotten carried away diversifying the dialogue choices for one pathway I neglected including more neutral options for people that might want to do something differently. I will definitely consider this in the next update, which should be today. As for the short stories, I am not entirely certain of what you mean by footnotes. Could you please elaborate?

In general, are you interested in seeing more diverse options in choosing your character’s history with Douglas? I can think of something if that is what people are interested in seeing.


That would be amazing, thank you. And what I meant was that you would need different means in overcoming someone who would be significantly taller than you, like if your character was 5‘4 and your enemy 6‘2, you couldnt just tacklethem to the ground, you know?

Footnotes(?). These things:

I’m not exactly sure what they are…

Diverse options in interacting with Douglas seem like a good idea, especially since whatever soured the relationship is not immediately evident when talking to him.

I wouldn’t worry too much about those footnotes then. It probably doesn’t mean anything. I just got these off the internet.


I assure you that the combat options will be diverse enough that height doesn’t have to be considered as one of the more influential factors for this.

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Found a bug

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Hello! I came across this bug during character creation:


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Thanks for reporting the bug! I missed that one when I was renaming my Boolean variables. I will patch up the demo in the next update, which should be out in an hour or so.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I’ll fix the demo with an update in the next hour.

Thanks! I’ll patch it up in an hour.