New Site Design



I just had a look at the new site design after a post called “AppSafari” appeared in the RSS. It led to what seemed to be a review for a CS-game, but without any context. It was there that I noticed the new design of the site.

Some notes (Windows 7 / Firefox 5.0):

  • The slideshow on the start page scrolls the page to the top whenever a new slide appears.
  • The “Why multiple Choice Games”-link on the “About us” page leads nowhere
  • The navigation is a bit confusing. Links in the text lead to sections that can’t be accessed from the navigation tabs, navigation sidebars appear and vanish seemingly at random … More consistency would help here.
  • The “Make your own Games” tab contains the user-contributed games. I see two problems with that: 1) Information about making my own games can only be accessed through two links, and it is unclear where those links leads without trying them out; 2) If I’m a player, not an aspiring developer, I’ll probably only check the “Our Games” tab, thus missing all the user-contributed content
    -The user-contributed games seem to have lost their pictures
    -The purchase links open in the same tab/window, I feel like they should open in a new tab since they’re external links
    -The forum is not integrated into the site, thus the only possibility to get back to the main site is pressing the back button x times or typing in the address again. I don’t think the forum needs to be completely integrated, but there should be a link to get back to the main site or it should open in a new window/tab.

From an esthetic point of view, I like the new design very much. It looks modern, simple and I like the color and logo.

Hope this helps,


Hi Simon,

Thanks for reporting these issues. We’ll get to work on fixing the bugs in the new redesign.

Could you be more specific about which navigation areas you thought were confusing? (Note that some of that may have been due to broken links which we’ve been working on.)


@Simski your still around? Lol thought you left…


@dfabulich I think the main problem is that there are a lot of links in the running text and it is not always apparent where they lead or how to get to those parts of the site through the menu. Also, on the “Make Your Own Games” page, I have to click one of those links before the submenu even appears. The reason is probably that there is not enough space for a menu next to the user submitted games. A possible solution could be moving those games to their own page, since, like I mentioned earlier, they don’t really belong in that tab anyway (in my opinion).

@MouaThug Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced my still. This is especially problematic since I was going to distill a new batch of fine spirits soon. Joking aside, I may not post often, but I’m still here and don’t plan on changing that in the immediate future.



Would it be possible to have the reseal date in each of the user contributed games?


@Simski I re read my comment… lol it sounds kind of offense the way I wrote it… sorry if it agitated you or offended you in any way… :stuck_out_tongue: its good that your still here buddy. The more the merry!


@Simski dude… your good with your grammar… And the way you talk (I’m assuming the way you write is the way you talk.) Lol it as thought your a scientist or something… hahaha


@MouaThug No offense taken. :slight_smile: I’m not a scientist (although I do some scientific work at university). I probably talk a little stilted since I am not a native speaker.


@Simski lol your a professor? That’s cool bro… I am Asian… but born in the U.S.! so are you gonna write a CoG too?