Hosted Games Submission Page

We have recently made some changes and additions to the Hosted Games Submission Form to expand on information that may have been confusing before. It now includes all of the specifications and details which I’ve explained in most any other format.

If you have previously sent a game to use through the submission form that is not yet published, there’s no need to resend it, but you might want to look at the new form if there was anything that confused you, to see if you want to make changes.

Notably, this includes some minor changes to how we look at and send feedback on games, particularly with regards to appropriate promotional artwork (if you’ve ever had promotional artwork rejected please see our rules as they have been revised to account for what we think is the full spectrum of previous problems), and beta testing games (notably a list of beta testers is now a requirement, and we may send authors back to the forum to test their games if it lacks sufficient testing).


Silly question, but how is a credits page made? I’m a bit at a loss here. Probably missed the answer somewhere.

I’m not sure I understand the question. I take the information provided and fill out the credits page. It’s the same credits page on any currently published game. There’s one in the GitHub version of ChoiceScript (albeit commented out of both the game and internally) if you want to open it up.

Yeah, i meant where does one put the credits in. There’s no field for betatesters etc on the form.
(Sorry, i’m prolly missing the forest for the trees)

Ah, I see that confusion now. Other Credits, Beta Testers, and Special Thanks are all supposed to go in the same box. I should remove the bold from Beta Testers and Special Thanks to make it clearer.

Edit: Done, it should hopefully be clearer now.


Thank you :slight_smile: