@jasonstevanhill I just wanted to say GREAT job on the new layout of the website! Love it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Under “our games” it says “You can put a description here.” Is that supposed to be there?


@kavok idk. Lol


I, personally, don’t like the new model. I guess I’m the minority? I actually now tend to stay away from it. And if this forum looks like it, I’ll probably stay away as well.
I don’t like white & orangey-yellow. Gives me a headache if I look to long.
But, I felt that the old layout was nice. Not all websites need to pop with color, it’s a text-based-gaming site, you don’t expect flash to be all over it.

If it’s just me though, and everyone else likes it, I guess they got what they wanted, which I don’t mind.


I like the new colors (kind of Halloween-ish), but I really don’t like the layout… I kind of miss the other one and it’s softer colors. It seems a bit too…complicated (?)now. But otherwise, it’s kind of nice…


If you’re in the minority @MrYoungzman then so am I. I understand the desire to jump to flash, but I felt that it’s unnecessary, particularly considering what ChoiceScript is (an extremely lean system to tell stories without all the bells and whistles that many modern games rely on). I felt that the site itself was kind of an embodiment of that. It had no flashy lights, but it gave you everything you were looking for right at your fingertips.

IDK, maybe I just liked the lean “none of this is beyond your reach or understanding” sort of feeling everything had. It just felt like everything was saying “Hey, this isn’t that difficult, you can do this too.” And now that main page doesn’t say that anymore.

Also, I agree with you about the colors, although I have to say it is less about the colors themselves, and more about how strong/bright they are. They are a little headache inducing.


Reaperoa explained my point better than I did.


I agree, I would prefer to see a white background. or something more subdued.

Maybe like how the forums color scheme is.