New omnibus "Hosted Games" app


From the perspective of a newly published CoG author (Werewolves: Haven Rising), the omnibus has very, very likely hurt my sales. My total iOS sales are at less than half of my Android ones, and that’s only because of the release week flurry where people who are already fans of CoG bought it. September’s report that I got this week shows Apple sales at only 14% to Android’s 69%. That’s pretty dire unless I’m missing something. On the positive side, Android sales are great.


Wow, that’s a giant disparity. Maybe I’m an outlier with pretty comparable Apple and Android sales.


It may also be due to you having several stories. If you are building up a personal following over time, they will come regardless. A new author has to get those eyeballs initially because he or she has no built-in audience aside from the (admittedly large) one that is provided by the CoG/HG promotional machine.


Even before the omnibus came out, Rebels had double the sales on Android compared to Apple…and that proportion has persisted post-omnibus.


Agreed. Android’s been selling a lot more than Apple for my games for a long time, it’s not a post omnibus thing. I did find I got a spike in sales for one of my games when it went across to the Omnibus which is kind of to be expected being an older game, (Edit)- actually Wizardry is still selling more on Apple cf Android since it went to the omnibus, (but it’s complicated by being avaliable individually and in the omnibus and selling in both). Starship Adventures dropped back to a 2 sales in Android for every one in Apple after settling from being added to the omnibus. Anyway, the omnibus seems to have had a positive effect on one of my older games, but I’m not sure it is actually having a significant negative effect on newer ones as Android seems to be the bigger market now even before the omnibus came along and how many sells on each platform seems to be game dependent. It also makes me think people are seeing the “new” games added to the omnibus (even if they’re old ones) due to the spike that happened when Wizardry got added. (Although I don’t have the exact figures for all the games so just going off what I have seen with mine :slight_smile: )


Hmmm…so here are my percentages for CCH1 and 2 for the most recent royalty statement.

CCH1: IOS 35% GPS 42%
CCH2: IOS 26% GPS 50%

CCH1 can be found on IOS in two places, while CCH2 can only be found on IOS in one place; the Omnibus, so this is hardly surprising.


This feature is now available in the HGnibus.

If you sort by ratings, you may notice that there are a number of games with a perfect 5.0 average rating, based on a very small number of reviews (less than five).

There are alternative approaches to “sort by rating” that incorporate the number of reviews, but we wanted the “sort by rating” feature to give players an opportunity to try unpopular games that are well-liked by those who play them. Over time, we hope and expect the games with a very small number of reviews will receive more reviews, and then their average rating will be more accurate.

Also note that many games have had a way to rate them for years, whereas others just gained the ability to rate them a couple of weeks ago. Just because a game has a small number of ratings doesn’t mean that it’s unpopular.