Four MORE of our classics are free!

A while back we let you know that we were making a number of our games available for free.

This week, we’re adding Yeti’s Parole Officer, Ratings War, Reckless Space Pirates, and Choice of the Star Captain to that list: these games are now free to win in the Choice of Games omnibus app for iOS and Android, and free on our website.

We know this is a difficult time for us all. Remember that we have a library of over 130 games in our convenient Choice of Games omnibus apps on iOS and Android, and now includes 20 games that are now free to win, supported by ads. (That means you can play the whole game, for free, or support our authors by paying to turn off ads and delay breaks.) So in addition to the games in today’s announcement, make sure you check out all our free Choice of Games titles:


Nice! Yeti and Space Pirates especially are two games I keep meaning to play so I will definitely have a look.

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Yayy, there are a few of them I already wanted to play

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I only got to play the first 3 chapters for free on the yeti one :sob::sob::sob: so its not all free??? Just asking


I think you have to wait for about 2 hours after finishing the first 3 chapters before the rest of the content ‘unlocks’ (that’s what happened to me). So it’s still free, just gotta wait for it first (Y)