Android Omnibus for Choice of Games now available

There’s a new app from Choice of Games available for Android called Choice of Games. It’s an “omnibus app,” a single app that collects all of our Choice of Games titles in one place. It’s just like the iOS omnibus we’ve had for more than a year now, but now it works on Android.

If you have an Android phone, please give it a try!

No doubt you have a lot of questions, so we’ve written up an Omnibus FAQ. It answers these questions in more detail:


Looks very swish!

Really nervous about how this will affect sales and reduce reviews significantly on the Play store, but I’ve aired those concerns before… I’ll give it a try…

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I noticed that there is a"free" category among the genres. Imo it’d be better with that being taken out or be more clear about only the demo being free, or the problem will stay I think that people will complain about it being misleading after all iirc the only game we can actually play complately without paying for it would be Creatures Such as We.

Few questions/maybe a bug?

When hitting back from any search order other than ‘Bestselling’, the app returns to Bestselling, not the category you were viewing. Every time I want to check an app in the ‘Rating’ category, for example, I’m shunted back into bestselling after, and I have to manually switch back to ‘Rating’ order to check another. This feels like a bug and hurts navigation flow significantly.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be any way to order our library? They all seem jumbled in there in no particular order with no sorting options at all. Will this be added?

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When you click the “Free” button, all eight of the games you see there can be played from beginning to end without paying.

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So we only pay for removing ads now? Guess things changed then, pretty sure I paid for at least 3 or 4 of these games back then to get more than the demo…

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Maybe you paid to remove the ads or timers? There’s a number of official COG’s which have always been free to play all the way through.

Free implies there’s no paywall. It may or may not contain ads, but, as Dan said, you can play it without limited to certain 3 first chapters.

Other categories will have demo (which is usually play first 3 chapters for free, pay to full unlock).

The buy/unlock button (the orange one) will always state whether you’re purchasing the full game or unlock its ad-free version, though I agree we can use extra clarity.

@GreekWinter by hitting “back,” do you meant going for other tab (and then return to search tab)?

I doubt that. Since imo CoG is discreet about implementing ads, not making them annoying pop up ads, just making them show up at the bottom of the screen I don’t really feel the need to pay just to remove those.
Tho it’s been a few years since I’ve played any of those games so my memories might serve badly here.

Edit: Just checked it quickly on the google store and For Rent: Haunted Hause (the stand alone app) still asks for money to play it?

Downloaded, will be nice to have all my games in one place not a huuuuuge folder like I have now :joy:

I downloaded the COG omnibus and some have changed category. Haunted house and deathless were paid apps. The others have always been free.

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Anyway I think I came to like the idea of having all the games I ever purchased available, even those I didn’t enjoy that much, without having them all downloaded as stand alone apps.


“Our games are entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.”

Shouldn’t it be “the vast, unstoppable power…”

One you release a game as a stand-alone app on Google Play you can never, ever change the initial pricing structure. So if you release it as “pay once and play” you can’t ever switch it to “free with in app purchases” or “free to win.” This does leave some disparity between the stand-alone apps and the omnibus on a Google Play.


I really wish you would build a way to restore all purchases at once instead of making us go into each game individually to restore it. It’s very time consuming to do them one at a time. Otherwise I love the idea of having all the games in one place.


You could send your receipts to choice of Games and get the Games for the web site, than it is only one click

For that we’d have to find all the e-mails about the purchases right? That sounds even more of a chore to do, if even possible, to look for an e-mail about buying the full version of Choice of Vampire or some other really old game.


If you look up your purchase history, you should be able to find the games you’ve purchased, and you can send in screenshots from there - any screenshots that show which games you’ve purchased are fine. That’s often easier than looking up individual email receipts.