New Hosted Game! "The Soul Stone War 2" By Morgan Vane

My mc used dragon powers in that scene

I ran into some sort of bug (?) but I didn’t take screenshots, so I’m not sure how helpful this will be: I chose Manerkol as RO and he was the only person my MC ever visited in his dreams. Toward the end, he (MC) asked him to go easy on Eledwen when she was being held captive (the following interlude showed that Manerkol actually listened to MC). The next dream sequence however (I think it was the last one before the rescue attempt) had MC visit Eledwen in her prison and it was mentioned that it was the second time (when it wasn’t, he’d never been there before) and that she was in bad shape and running out of time. This didn’t make any sense and threw me out of the story, but I was pretty tired when I finished the game and might have missed something.

So I played the first game and I just remember it not really being a choice game at all we just being stringed along by the other characters the whole book none of our choices really mattered or decided anything the other characters decided everything which made no sense to me why the MC would just go along with whatever they said or whatever. The only real choice we were given it seems was our romantic option and even then the romances weren’t very appealing and it kinda got confusing. Is the second game also like this as well? Or do our choices actually matter in regards to the actual story and not just the romance options?

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Mmm… Yes, but you have to consider book 1 as a very long character creation; well written but for coya standard book 1 is that


Do you know how you managed to use dragon powers? I’ve been wondering how to do that

Insanity 5 or higher

Is Mornie going to be an RO from now on or is it just a fling with her? :woozy_face:

Just dropping my 2 cents on the MC’s power, will we be given a list of which powers our stone gives us? Like when we had a weapon choice, that’d be neat, because we really need a power that stands out, like Dae’s teleportation, that’s wild.

Our Stone’s power are kinda bad:

Obsidian: can make a Homunculus just like you, but less powerful.
Bloodstone: can make others believe your lies and invisibility.
Lapis: can detect lies.
Garnet: can dispell illusions.
Jade: makes your dreams visions more efficient.
Agate: Astral Projection.

Nothing impressive if compared to what our companions can do.


I understand you but disagree nonetheless. I find it refreshing not to play a powerful adventurer from time to time. Plus, it’s logical. Yes, you’ve gain Magic abilities. But let’s bé honest… Can a bumpkin pensant from a backwater place can master his/her new power in less than 7 days?
All your allies and your ennemy are far more expérienced than you because it’s been a Whilee since they begin adventuring. Plus, they all have an intense training before adventuring.
Basically, you’re Frodo from the lord of the ring and your allies are Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Rayne (from Bloodrayne).

At best, our character is a rogue class in dn’d 2’ édition (Bard or thief). Helping from the side, having a good head and knowing how to hide. MC will not become a powerful warrior or mage, but he Can become a Jack of all trade or a adventurer like Willow (in Willow).

Plus, unlike so much romance game, the mc isn’t stupid and powerless (yes, I’m looking at you Hakuhoki), they’ve got a good head and still have a good analytic skills. We play a very intelligent and empathic character, with more knowledge they can become a really good strategist. Like Lucette in Cinderella Phenomenon (which is a great Romance game). You won’t become powerful because you lack Time. But you can learn to understand your teammates and their capabilities in order to lead them to Victory.


For a warrior or a mage yes… But for a rogue type character, like a Bard or a Thief, it’s a blessing.


For the first book, yeah I understood no matter how annoying it got I get why it was like that. Book 2 we have a magic stone, yet the powers it gives us are pretty much nothing compared to everyone else’s stone that gave them teleportation, transformation into a panther and literally intangibility. All we can do with our stone is nothing than can actually help in a fight besides a weak useless copy of ourselves. Making my dreams a little more stronger is useless besides special circumstances compared to teleportation.


In a tabletop rpg, those gift are REALLY powerful. Far more than just téléportation or transformation.
Think a little outside of the battle scope.

The mc isn’t a warrior but more like a rogue.

And once again, in Willow, Willow defeat the evil Queen (which is a very powerful sorceress) with a simple trick.
Don’t underestimate your character intelligence. You’ve got enough warrior in the team.


My character is a warrior


You’re a peasant with warrior’s dream. Even if becoming a warrior is your goal (mine is more being a mage), right now you’re just a peasant. At best, you’re going to be a rogue subclasse like Brute or arcane trickster (for the mage one).
You’re not the dragonborn and 7h of adventure won’t launch you to level 10 with full capacity of destroying a dragon.
You’re more like the Nerevarine from Morrowind. Later you’re going to be a demi good blessed by Azura, but right now, even a half dead rat can kill you. And 1 month later you’re still in training to become slightly good.

Personally, I’m ok with a character who sucked because it’s logical. Morrowind you were a slave (or a prisoner? Don’t remember), here you’re a peasant who was bullied by his townfolk. And suddenly, because you’ve got 7 days adventure and an artefact who try to hijacked you, you should be able to compete with full trained and seasoned warrior/adventurer?

You don’t have martial training. You don’t have magical training… Ok, the group want to train you, but once again, 7 days isn’t enough to make you a “meh ok warrior” (especially when most of the Time you’re just walking or running away).

At this point, you’ll have to accept that you won’t be overpowered, which is both refreshing and interesting in a rpg.


Sorry, but those abilities suck in comparison to the others. The other characters could already decimate groups of enemies on their own before , now they’re completely op. The MC, who’s already weak, gets a stone and all it is is they can lie better or get better dreams, and I’ve been playing my MC as a warrior and the game acknowledges that so being useful in battle is something I’d expect my stone powers to have.

Battle, battle, battle… Rpg aren’t about battle but adventure.
Beside, it’s more like the mc don’t know how to use it well. You’re more likely developping other power through thé game.


Battle is clearly important considering all the other characters stone powers are for battle and only the MC is the one with the useless powers.

It’s understandable though. Most of the power can be used, but on niche circumstances.
For example:
Obsidian: can make a Homunculus just like you, but less powerful. (This can work for a Warrior or other class, but if you are weak, it can only be use as a way of distraction)
Bloodstone: can make others believe your lies and invisibility. (Invisibility will be helpful for a rogue and can be quite OP depending on its use, the persuasion aspect is just a bonus.)
Lapis: can detect lies. (This is underwhelming as it’s just a niche power. This can be helpful if say you are a noble or businessman, something on the knowledge base class. As for combat prowess…)
Garnet: can dispel illusions. (Niche situation and Mages should be able to do this easily.)
Jade: makes your dreams visions more efficient. (Niche situation.)
Agate: Astral Projection. (This can be OP is used as a reconnaissance or tracker class if you are able to go anywhere. Out of all the power this might be the most powerful if used right in my opinion.)
All in all, it does seem weak but only if it’s not used right.


Because hé does’nt know how to use it. It’s as simple as that. It’s the first time, unlike the others, that you use a Magic artefact. Beside, the other being seasoned adventurer will more likely know how to not being manipulated by the stone.

Once again, comparing with lord of the ring… Frodo and Bilbo Can only become invisible with the ring because they lack power and training (which they could gain if they train) where it’s hinted that Gandalf, Aragorn or Galadriel could bé really powerful with it.

You’re Frodo in this adventure.