New Hosted Game! "The Soul Stone War 2" By Morgan Vane


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You’re right Mr Wright.
I’m going to flagellate myself for the greatness of this holy mule.


A brief summary of how bad Zyri is at fighting vampires

Narrator, chapter one: "You might not die!

Narrator, chapter two: “You might not die!”

Narrator, chapter three: “You might die.”

Narrator, chapter four: “You’ll likely die.”

Narrator, chapter five: “You’re probably gonna die.”

Narrator, chapter six: “You’re still probably gonna die.”

Narrator, chapter seven: “You’ll almost certainly die.”

Narrator, chapter eight: “You’re definitely gonna die.”

Narrator, chapter nine: “Omae wa mou shindeiru.”

Me: “Nani?”

And then I explode violently

I mean, Eledwen was probably dead long before I showed up, so it’s not like I would’ve won much anyhow

I’m not even a one-star heroic adventurer. I’m like… A quarter of a star. Maybe.


Someone confirm the identity of the new RO for me because if it is Mornie I’m gonna have to buy this right now this instant my wallet is ready


Can any one else able to continue manerkol romance cause back in thorne i can’t choose to go back to him.

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You’re not supposed to. There is a path where you can return to him right away, but this will immediately lead to the bad ending called What a Pretty Flower (the same as in the first game, btw). If you do want to open this particular one, you need to tell your friends immediately and honestly that you have this special connection with Manerkol, and then insist on going back to the village on your own, alone, to meet him and try to talk things out.

If you want to continue on with the proper story and full romance path, you MUST NOT return back to Manerkol right away.


I played through the whole game but ran into bad end when saving elenwin.

Okay. I’ll try that route again when I get back home. Hopefully it will work this time.

Light spoilers for the (new) secret RO:

Yup, it’s Mornie as far as I’ve seen! You can have a relatively small romance with her (that I think might turn into a more developed plot in the next books) with some very interesting scenes.

I’m not quite sure if that’s the only new romance (or if it counts more as a fling than a romance) but you can definitely have a crush on that character!


Is it just me or the majority of the MC’s Soul Stones are underpowered? The other characters seems to have better powers.

Elly’s Celestite: Intangibility.
Dave’s Moonstone: Teleport under the moonlight.
Strassa’s Tiger’s Eye: Panther transformation.

The MC’s Soul Stone’s powers:

Obsidian: can make a Homunculus just like you, but less powerful.
Bloodstone: can make others believe your lies and invisibility.
Lapis: can detect lies.
Garnet: can dispell illusions.
Jade: makes your dreams visions more efficient.
Agate: Astral Projection.


@Morgan_V said abilities (plural) so maybe they’ll come around more next books (??)


Hello, everyone!

I come to you with a surprise! To make things a bit easier on everyone, I have created a guide on how to get every achievement in the game!

You can get access to it by either subscribing to any of the tiers on my Patreon OR by subscribing to either the Silver or Gold tiers on Ko-Fi!

I put quite a bit of work into it, so I hope that it will be useful to you! And thanks for buying the second game!



The MCs always been pretty underpowered compared to the other characters tbh. Like that part in the first game when you’re in the cave where they’re surprised you’re actually competent and can do something. Then they immediately all surround and protect you when Mornie shows up for some reason, even Elly who just met you a minute ago.


Thank you very much! Time to employ my wallet…


The game suddenly restart itself when at the choice where you can choose whether to compromise with Manerkol or not in his route.
Idk if it a bug or not cause there’s no error notice, it just “bam” return to choice either to load character, create character or extra story.
But either way it kill my motivation to play again.

Spoiler alert

Ok so has anyone gotten all the clue achievements yet? I can only get #1 & #3… Which seems to give me EITHER dorlas or daelyn achievement options instead of both

clue 2 is when you spy on Daelynn and clue 4 is when you bring her to get the labyrinths stone. I reccomend either romancing her or specialising in magic for easy/obvious choices that lead to the clues


I do admit that some of the behavior of the cast towards the MC feels, to me, like it’s a bit much, but I mean, let’s look at some details:

  1. The MC is a literal country bumpkin who has never seen the world beyond their limited villager scope prior to meeting Morkai and Straasa. Even if you specialize in combat for them, there’s only so much about fighting that they’re gonna know without that wisdom of the world, so it makes sense that they might struggle to keep pace with their exceptionally better-trained comrades. I’ve never been in a fight in my life, if I throw a punch at a trained soldier, I’m going down hard. And as the second book shows, even having a soul stone doesn’t guarantee that they can stand on even footing with everyone - you have a gun, I have a knife, but whether I get shot or you get stabbed depends on your aim and how fast I can run, not the fact that we have those tools. The MC is still an untrained country bumpkin, they just happen to have a soul stone now.

  2. Morkai and Straasa come from noble houses that support and enforce Manerkol’s reign, which, however much they try to behave differently, has likely still colored their attitude towards others, meaning that they’d be inclined to look down their noses at the MC on principle. Straasa is more subtle about it, as is his nature, and Morkai is very public about his disdain, but the fact remains, they both have moments where they disdain the MC, and their upbringing probably influenced this behavior. Them being shocked by the MC showing competence at the kobold cave, knowing this, is still rude, but at least understandable.

  3. Daelynn was brought up on elven teachings that state that humans are assholes who want to wipe out dragons out of jealousy and hatred (putting aside how humanity might not be entirely in the wrong to want to destroy dragons, considering that they’ve thus far been cruel, bloodthirsty tyrants who think people’s lives are a joke for them to write the punchlines for), and thus might be inclined to think lowly of her new human comrades by default. Plus whatever drama she’s got going on behind the scenes, to boot. So, again, the MC being smart at the kobold cave might stun her on the grounds of the bias she was raised with.

  4. Relating to the MC being combat-inept as mentioned above, their teammates would understandably close ranks when Mornie shows up on account of her being not just a soldier of Manerkol’s, but one of his top agents, at that. The MC can’t even fight Dorlas and his crew of bumbling idiots, how are they going to tango with an elite enemy soldier?

  5. Despite Elly’s misgivings towards humans, understandable due to being hunted by them, her sidestory demonstrates that it isn’t that she hates humans, she’s more bummed out that they can’t see the beauty of her species and are so set on them being the “bad guys” instead. So, likely as a means of trying to demonstrate that she’s not a monster, she would take a cue from everybody else’s actions and move to protect the MC from Mornie, as well. Plus, I mean, if being hunted by humans is bad, then I would imagine also being hunted by Manerkol isn’t too fun either, and again, Mornie works for the guy at that point in the story. It stands to reason that, even not knowing the MC from a hole in the ground, Elly would want to protect them from Mornie, out of spite for the High King, if for no other reason.

I mean, that’s just my takeaway of things, so far. Like I said, I agree with you that sometimes the MC being the butt of every joke can feel pretty heaped on, but for the most part, nothing about their character and how others respond to them is unreasonably written, at least from my perspective.


I know it makes sense to the story and I’m not saying it’s isn’t well written, but it got annoying after awhile. I was hoping with our stone we could maybe even the odds a little, but even with it everyone else has better and more useful powers with their stones.


Some stones can’t even be used in the final fight, meanwhile Dae’s stone is integral to saving Elly and Straasa’s stone can bail you out against Menerkol.
The MC needs their moment to shine too.