New Hosted Game! "The Parenting Simulator" by Matt Simpson

Found two rather odd bugs:

Bug 1: If you choose for your child to quit the extracurricular in Year 10 permanently, and then decide to do the school play event, the option to not allow your child to participate in the play because your child needs to focus on the extracurricular pops up. It does not pop up if your child chooses to continue the extracurricular (the last option is to not involve yourself in the play).

Bug 2: “The Power of Gift Cards” achievement triggers every time the child gets the commercial role in Year 13, regardless if the parent actually bribed another person to switch spots in line with gift cards.


@hustlertwo what are the factors that determine whether or not our child wears glasses? and also the school work that our child forgets to do, I played the game several times and on one occasion got an A+ and on another d- why is that? How to get an A+ every time?

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Hi! Glasses is easy; if you are playing where you see all events, you always get it. If you are playing with randomized events it is a 50/50 chance; you either get glasses or allowance but not both.

For the last-minute project, a few elements are at play. What you eat and what you do after dinner either makes you or the kid tired (or both), and if you are too tired you fall asleep and the diorama bombs.

If you want to get the fairly tough achievement for doing it all yourself, eat frozen food and either watch TV or have the kid clean their room after the meal. You will have enough energy to choose the best diorama option even after letting the kid go to sleep and actually do it instead of falling asleep yourself.

Hope that helps!