New Hosted Game! Nuclear Powered Toaster by Matt Simpson



Generally programmers are a tad crazy, and a very pleasant company. You gave me that vibe so I assumed you we’re one


Man, I sincerely hope you bought this on Google, Steam or Amazon and haven’t done a review yet (and are willing to do one, of course). I would love to have that second sentence emblazoned somewhere for the purchasing populace to see.

Original is one thing I’m hoping to get a name for. NPT might not have been unique, but it was at least unusual (for both good and ill). Parenting Simulator seems fairly off the beaten path. And once I finish that, with NPT’s sequel hopes kinda hazy I will likely move on to one of two projects: the trivia/Pokemon mashup absolutely no one has been asking for, or a story which will probably have a nudist as one of its central NPCs. Not to mention another character who’s really crazy.


So, I played through the game few times, but at the end every time my ears was disintegrated. Is it possible to avoid loosing your ear???

And another question is…
Is there any romance? Because I could not find any.


There aren’t any romance in Book 1, however @hustlertwo mentioned there could be romance with Solus , Fiorella and the 2 townfolks we met (i forget their names) :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, the ear does always get zapped. Sometimes I wonder if I should have changed that. It was a decision late in the writing process when I was struggling to keep from fragmenting even more than it had already (the ideal percentage of words seen per playthrough is supposed to be 20-40%, and NPT just barely hung on to the 20% range).
@Eric_knight nailed it with the romance. It is a possibility for a sequel, though I should point out that the townspeople and 128 would not have a major role in The Hoard. It’d be more like someone like Liara in Mass Effect 2. You talk to them and interact with them but they won’t accompany you on the major mission. Instead you would meet some new characters, and then in a third installment everyone comes together.
Of course, all that is if a sequel happens. It’s not a guarantee.


Thanks for the clarification… I basically quick reply the game few times in order to see if I can save my ears…lol


Sorry! If there’s any other questions like that you have, feel free to ask them here and maybe I can save you some time.


I am curious if anyone else has had this: NPT just went from 53 reviews on Google to 51. The score remains 4.0, and I don’t notice if any of the ones with words are gone or not. What would likely have prompted this?


Over my 4 HGs, I’ve had dozens of reviews, mostly 5 stars, disappear randomly. I’m guessing it’s due to either people deleting their accounts, or more likely people simply deleting their reviews.


Or having them sorted into country specific stores? If I go into app Annie I often see reviews I can’t see in my play account


I continuously track what happens in google, and this seems to happen quite a lot. Never understood why, but would love if somebody could explain it.

On the subject or ratings, sells, etc (earlier on in this thread, and just saying what @Jacic has mostly said… we both discuss a lot regarding philosophy of games, etc, and I guess we have kind of more or less arrived at similar conclusions… well, many other authors here have, or at least are not too different), it is very strange indeed how rating is sometimes not as good indicator as the type of game. So far I have authored/co-authored four games:

-Starship Adventures, with 4 other people… 65 reviews (google), score 3.5. Sales? ABYSMAL (maybe we should just make it a free game…). Possible problems? For sure many didn’t understand the humor in the game, plus the theme of sci-fi captain might not be as popular as others. There have been no new reviews forever…

-Lost in the Pages, with 4 other people, 85 reviews, score 4.0. Sales: I’d say poor. Problems? Maybe many didn’t like the theme of the game? Though, others liked it (and CoG has even used the cover for the HG app!). There have been no new reviews forever…

-Tokyo Wizard, 374 reviews, score 4.1. My bestseller so far, and first solo game. Many structural problems, typos, bad grammar… yet highest overall score. Possibly the theme and anime artwork inspired many potential players?

-Highway Wars, 146 reviews, score 3.8. Far more polished than Tokyo Wizard, a bit longer. In my opinion, a better effort… though it seems to be lagging behind TW in sales (at the same number of months after release), despite also being on steam. Problems? Many complained some of the endings are too short… despite the game being longer than TW. But, this brings us back to those other two threads on game length…

Just… reviewers can be very random (I am an academic, and the true randomness of this has always amazed me… once I was rejected to a conference, then to find out my journal paper on the subject had been given a prize for the best of the year… after that, I have just come to embrace the inherent randomness of human beings!)


Or it could be different group of readers under different “era” ? Tokyo wizard came out few years back , and from that group of readers, i am thinking not many would continue their interest in interactive fiction ( perhaps 40% of those group will sustain their interest after few more years ) hence this group of readers will be able to differentiate the improves effort for your latest game… During the release of Highway War, it could be that the current group of “new” readers have their own interest as compare the group few years back, i notice some had complain the inclusion of global warming and other environmental issue in Highway Wars , perhaps few years ago… people then would had accepted this fact ?? :slight_smile:

Instead of randomness, i would said it is more about the current interest of a new group of fans … even in movie industry , the same occurrence will happen … some movies who had been badly review few years ago, will however find new movie fans who are interest to search and watch past movies, their reviews indicate their opinion is totally differ from those few years back :slight_smile:


You make good points.

To explain my use of words (which were probably not the best, as always)… I have some background in stochastic simulations, which is essentially a way that researchers have of treating variables as being random, as a sort of excuse for not fully understanding every parameter that can affect every variable (which maybe explains why I see reality the way I see it). So, when I say that reviewers are random, I guess that I’m talking about the fact that our perception of them is as them being random. Each one perceives life, reality and games in a different way, but they are hidden to us (we don’t know who they are, not even their age, gender or social background, so we have no idea why they think what they think… we are just left with their “random” thoughts, as we often cannot fully understand them in isolation). But, in my own way of seeing things, the longer the playthroughs, the smaller the chance of hearing “its too short”. Lets say that for 10k playthroughs 50% of reviews will mention this, for 20k maybe 25%, for 30k maybe 12.5%, etc (I have no statistics for this, as it is difficult to quantify this, but a related thread is here on overall length Length of game influences buying?)

But, I actually agree with what you say (and we have talked about this in other threads, which is indeed something we are all having trouble to come to grips with). Basically, readers are changing. Somebody recently posted about their experience reading one of those old choose your own adventure books (about the pyramids), which were the top of interaction fiction for their age. Things like fighting fantasy and lone wolf made those look primitive… but, if you try to read those and compare them to the early stuff in CoG, they look primitive… and the early CoG also looks short by today’s standards (though, I still love Dragon! or even some of the good old fighting fantasy)

And, I do hope that you are right about old games finding new fans… though few old movies age well! (we all remember things like star wars or blade runner, but they were countless sci-fi at the time, which did not age well at all…)


Blinks a few times. Is that really a thing in some countries that people are less likely to accept climate change as a real thing? (I’d say the opposite has happened in my country due to mounting evidence. It’s taught as fact, not theory in universities.) But yes, did see those reviews. Blew me away people saw Highway wars as a political piece, rather than a dystopian fantasy one.

I do totally agree with randomness though. Take starship adventures. Felicity, adrao and Eric all have successful games out, the rating isnt too bad and yet adrao isn’t lying when he said the sales for it are low. Despite having 3 fanbases to draw from, it’s been largely ignored by readers. Granted, none of the authors have published anything sci-fi either so maybe that’s the failure for the crossover. I still find it odd that wizardry which doesn’t have the other fanbases to draw from, and has a lower rating has outsold it by a large margin. Genre seems to be vitally important, and that can change from year to year. (For example pirates were super popular at one stage, now it’s super heroes.)

I think it’s kind of a shame they’re getting overlooked in favour of newer, longer games. Some of the oldies are still my favorites.

Bet they regretted turning you down after that happened!


Well… i start reading HG/CoG last year , started with Vampire House and Great Tournament , Heart of the House was my first actual purchase , but then i go back and purchase quite a number of older title like Tin Star, Slammed ! Hero Rise series and Unnatural etc… i am genuinely like those old games, and i also notice these games also receive some latest review this year … hence proof of new readers for older titles… :slight_smile:

As for movies, in addition of the Star Wars franchise ," I am number four" actually receive quite a number of good review from youtube , where numerous people hoping for a sequel… but unfortunately for them the movie was a bust when it was release and there is no chance for the sequel at all, especially they were asking for the same actor/actress … same for Terminator : Sarah Connor Chronicles (Tv Series) who is still a cult classic till these days :slight_smile:

I think in addition, it also depend on their cultures as well as their tolerance level on numerous social status , such as environmental issue and women’s status in a society , i had notice that the courtly romance and chivalry of the Arthurian era had been view as “disrespectful” towards women , hence the emergence of “damsel” in a story may be seen as “negative” too :slight_smile:

Errr… a certain president from a famous country did boast that Global warming as a “Hoax” till today :wink: i am not surprise his believers will think any story about global warming and other environmental issue has political agenda :slight_smile:


He said he “did not believe” the report just issued this past Friday concerning climate change and its future effects.


Hmmm… not sure whether i am correct but his followers seem the “zealous” and “dedicated” type who will believe or echo on whatever he tell them , so kind of sad when we can’t apply reasoning at all regarding the issue(s) :slight_smile:


Wow… ok… Kind of disappointing :dizzy_face:


Off topic… but I couldn’t resist…

This famous president of a famous country never said anything like this. It is all “fake news”. Actually, he is a firm believe in climate change, and is about to close down all coal mines in his country. :wink:

(I do hope my attempt at sarcasm/reverse sarcasm is not lost on anybody).

Anyway, on topic now… I keep following all new games that are released, and this issue of topics is also quite an interesting one, how things go in and out of fashion. I have to say, Birth of a Hero is a shameless attempt of mine at going into this… though, my discovery of my old marvel superheros rpg at my mum’s apartment was a big push! I keep the rulebook on top of my desk, and look through it when I’m stuck for mechanics…


And, also on the subject of random reviews… I just got this today for Tokyo Wizard:

“Would rate 5 stars, but a major flaw in the game is that nothing prevents stats from going over 100%, making the game completely broken.”

You just have to laugh! :slight_smile: