New Hosted Game! "Grand Casino of Fortune" by Teemu Salminen


As you enter the Grand Casino, you have only one goal: reach the top floor and claim unimaginable wealth for yourself. Can you succeed where many others have failed?

It’s 33% off until March 24th!

Grand Casino of Fortune is a thrilling 55,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Teemu Salminen, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

If you reach the top floor of the Grand Casino, unimaginable wealth will be yours. Challenge various gambling games – including classics like blackjack and poker. But can you avoid drowning in debt in the process?

Guide a mysterious character (non-specified gender) on their path to succeed at a divine trial

  • Challenge lots of gambling-related minigames such as blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat and many others – even original games and modified versions of classic games!
  • Collect items that increase your luck to further improve your odds of winning at various games.
  • Use borrowed tokens as leverage to fuel wild accumulation of wealth.
  • Explore the casino further to discover special events and games.
  • The higher you climb, the more you have to win – or lose.
  • Can you reach the top floor and survive the final trial?

Take the chance to reach heights that only exist within the Grand Casino!


A perfect release for St. Paddy’s Day! :slight_smile:


Is anyone else having issues in being able to upgrade the game ?

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how are you playing the game? What issue are you having?

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UPDATE: I found the email address for support for the iOS and just emailed them about the issue and sent a screenshot

Playing on iPhone and when I try to upgrade I get a popup that says
Purchase Failed Your purchase could not be completed.
Please check your network settings and try again.

After I got the popup I tried to purchase another hosted game and was able to without any issues.

My apologies for not including that detail in the original comment

I seem to be having the same problem as this poster. Using the iOS omnibus app.

Shame if that’s the case, but at least the game can be played through once without even having to upgrade, I think.

It looks like whatever issue was causing us not be able to purchase the upgrade in the iOS omnibus app has been resolved.
I just tried to upgrade and it went through without any issues.
So if you weren’t able to upgrade before and wanted to try it again.

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Thanks for the purchase & letting people know too :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol I didn’t do anything.

Well, I’m glad Apple figured itself out.

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Maybe you asking what the issue was caused Apple to get its act together and fix whatever issue was causing the problem.

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If only Apple paid that much attention to us.

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If there’s any feedback on the later floors, that could be great. During the public beta, testers seemed to be especially pleased with the second floor, but many got stuck on the third floor, so I made some adjustments to make the third floor easier to finish. Is it still too difficult/complicated in comparison to the other floors? What about the fourth and fifth floors - they might arguably be even more difficult than the third floor, even if the rules in those games aren’t quite as complex?