Captive of Fortune device beta

Hey all –

Because of the way the IAP is working on @Samuel_H_Young’s new game, Captive of Fortune, we need a few people to test it out for us on their iPhones and Android devices.

So, if you have access to one of these things, and want to be a tester, please post here. I only need four people for each.

Sorry, to clarify: THIS IS NOT CONTENT TESTING. This is to make sure that you can restore a savegame from “Trial of the Demon Hunter” and to make sure that the Media IAP works (that the music can turn on and off, that it’s only available once you “pay”, that the art shows up when it’s supposed to, etc).

There were several new ChoiceScript features we had to develop for this game, and that’s what needs some broader review.

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I can do it with my phone, running android. I’m going to sit 7 hours in a train tomorrow, so I have the time.

Hey, I’m available for testing on an android device.

I can test on android I’ve played enough choice of games to know what to look out for

I have an iPhone for testing use :smiley:

I use android.
I can help if you want.

Ok, that’s four Android users.

Three more iPhone!

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I can test it on my IPad.

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate it.

No problem Samuel I wanna help the community as much as possible

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No problem.
If I can help I’ll try.

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I can test for Iphone

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Hi All,

It took too long to make this happen, and now several of the volunteers are no longer available.

So! I need, like, two more Android and two more iOS volunteers. Please email me for access. jason AT choiceofgames


So, uh…any problems? Did the IAP work? Music + graphics?

I can test on my iPad if needed.

ok, the iOS invites should have been received by you now.

@raven_mocker send me an email, jason AT choiceofgames

Would offer but apparently Windows market share is low enough that no one cares about it. ;_;

so, apparently, in order to do a real beta test through the Google store–you know, where the tester isn’t charged for the privilege of being a tester–there’s like five more steps involved in setting the stupid thing up.

My apologies to all the Android testers. There’s no way for me to give you a free copy of the game on Android. But if you send me the receipt, I’m happy to refund your purchase after you’ve tested it.

I just bought the upgrade and it says that the purchase was successful.

ok, but does the music bar show up at the bottom? Does the music bar work? Does the in-game art now show up?