"Never going back" (WIP) -Poll on post 32-

Alright hopefully none of you remember my past… if you Do… skidaddle skidoodle your mind is now blank! With that over with. I’ve gone over stuff with my previous game and am still figuring out the plot (don’t tell please) but other than that… I’ve thought of something else to try and what I think will be better than the other game.

Never going back

I mean of course the game is about never going back, unless you wanna go back, but I insist you don’t. It’s a game based off in the zombie apocalypse… But I don’t really know if I should really say “zombies”. But… I’ll list down below what I plan on putting in the game.

Character creation
(Everything about you will be affecting the story scars, face shape, piercings, etc.)
(This is where you will be able to choose where you where when this all started.)
(Of course your old life job will affect you NOW, what I mean is say you choose your MC to be a veterinarian and you chose to stay in a base. This would make most people nominate you to take care of the animals.)
Rule the world
(We should all know what this means by now. But if not… it means your choice affects EVERYTHING. KILLING SOMEONE. WHO YOU CHOOSE TO LOVE. BEING A RAIDER OR HELPING EVERY SINGLE PERSON. Just know. This ain’t some game about love. It’s about LIFE!)

Alright, I’ve gone through the drawing board with the fighting, inventory and etc.
-I plan on making your clothing matter, wearing a thick jacket and just got bite by A zombie? WELL GUESS WHAT, YOU HAVE A 90% CHANCE OF NOT HAVING THE BITE GO THROUGH THE JACKET.
I may or may not have pictures in A couple of things, like using a picture of a backpack with supplies/weapons You collected, just trying to think of the best.


When is the demo coming out!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I knew someone would ask. This will be taking a short while before the prologue is released. It’ll be a long proccess because you know… ALL OF THAT STUFF. Also it’s my first time programming but I know some of the basics and I have a friend decent at programming so hopefully he’ll help.


ok cool now we hope you do great job

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Thanks for that, I’m trying my hardest on creating the story, programming is gonna be the problem.


Michael rave?..

Michael Rave…

Michael Rave…Michael Rave…?





i shall always love everything zombie related, even if there aren’t zombies involved, GIVE ME ALL THE POST-APOCALYPSE GAMES, IN FIVE MINUTES, ON MY DESK.

Anyway. Really looking forward for it!

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HA! Gonna admit, that made me chuckle. I’m trying my hardest on this Prolouge and the character customization. So yeah, this’ll be only thing holding me down. This dumb brain is the problem, it won’t even let me learn programming!



Your frame was too wide to get through the door, you died


How’d you know about one of the death scenes? :thinking:

It’s a common enough occurrence.

Really? That’s surprising.

I mean people injure themselves with their pant’ zippers and die on toilets :blush:

Thats…Equally hilarious and disgusting.

This seems awsome and love how scars have s impact cause most games they don’t

I mostly plan on the scars getting asked about by others which can affect your relationship with the person. Also yknow, affect your “good night” with your “lover”.

“Is that a bite mark?”
*Head is blown off

Also a common occurrence :blush:

GOD DAMN IT! Guess I got another death scene to note down.

Chance, I love chance! The game of life is amazing isn’t it?

“You find love on the road”
**Dice roll
“It was your cousin”

“You ride a car”
**Dice roll
“It breaks down at”
**Dice roll
“a gas station”
**Dice roll
“with no gas”
**Dice roll
“And infested with zombies”

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