Need some help with opposed_pair

I’m having trouble with… opposed_pair kind-rude

The error I’m getting is that the rude stat is not increasing when I have programmed it to increase by +5 but it still shows 50. But when I go ahead with a choice which gives +5 in kind, that increases.

In startup file, I have created:
*create kind 50
*create rude 50

Note: If I don’t create one of them, I’m getting an error of “Non-existent variable”

And in choicescript file, I have made the opposed_pair

In the main chp, I have mentioned that if a player selects option A
*set rude +5
*set kind +5

Hi! Opposed_pairs work by measuring one stat, but displaying what seems like two - the “rude” variable doesn’t actually exist, but “kind” does. The display for “rude” can only be altered by changing “kind” by a negative amount. Therefore, to increase the display for “rude”, try something like:

*set kind -5

This should appear as though “rude” has increased, but in reality the only value changing is “kind”.


I have checked the solution which you mentioned here and that worked for me.


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