Need Post-Apocalyptic / Cyberpunk / Wasteland Outfit Ideas

Hello glowing gals and gooey ghouls,

I really need some ideas for outfits (attire, ensembles, load-outs, etc) for a cyberpunkish apocalyptic wasteland game. I already have plenty of ideas that I personally think are awesome or intimidating or provocative, but I need to find out what everyone else would like to wear in such a game.

  • The outfit doesn’t have to be practical, I can work around it even if it’s absolutely absurd. Ridiculous is way more fun than practical in my opinion.

  • There’s no requirement for radiation protection (doesn’t hurt if you want to include it though).

  • It is hot and dusty in the town and always dark and rainy in the city.

  • Please relay as much detail as possible if you can, like: shirt/vest/harness, jackets/coats/capes, pants/trousers/shorts/skirts, footwear of any kind, gloves of any sort, hats/helmets/scarves/sunglasses, etc. I necessarily need anymore weapon ideas but if you want to include them that’s great too.

  • Pictures are fine (and I’ve been looking through TONS of them) but I’m trying to gauge the personal interest of others – why you would actually wear that outfit, not that it simply fits the theme. Why is it awesome? Is it badass, sexy, disturbing, shady, barbaric, scandalous, advantageous, or what?

  • Speaking of theme, even if your idea is not something that would normally fit into a cyberpunk/apocalyptic/wasteland world, post it up anyway! I’m looking for any and all ideas.

In the end what I’m trying to accomplish is that when you get to the page where you pick your clothing, you see a choice on that page that makes you go “Hell yeah!” and click it immediately because it’s exactly what you want to wear.

Thank you to anyone who can help out. Much appreciated!


First thing that comes to mind would be

Maybe this helps?

Also this:

Thanks. I took a look at those links and got a few more ideas written down.

But I’m always finding cool things I want in the game. What I’d really like is to get other people’s ideas too since I hope to release the demo in the near-ish future and want everyone to have some options that they like.


Honestly, I’d like to wear a fancy evening gown or fancy dress gown (with the skirt altered for better ease of movement). It’s the end of the world! Ball gowns can be everyday wear now! :smile:

One of the attractive hooks that exist in the Fallout and Wasteland games is a story-arc that allows the audience to latch on to the clothing.

An example is: the red beret in Fallout New Vegas. Having a companion and his custom side quests allowed the audience to connect with him and when it came time to receive the beret, an attachment to the said item is formed.

This type of hook is carried throughout the series and often items will appear in one and then make additional appearances with future encounters - Brotherhood Powersuit armor is an example here.

Other items are received as rewards for achievements - like the colonial ship’s captain’s hat being received after a multi-tiered quest on the USS Constitution and thus create the “Hell ya” response you are looking for.

These are just my humble thoughts on what gives particular clothing options that satisfaction sought.

They also had a similar mission with Fallout 4; in one of the town’s, a Ghoul asked you to help bring a superhero from a radio show he liked to life, by getting the hero’s trench coat. You then could dress up and even act like the superhero ( I actually liked the fact that the MC himself gradually grew into the roll).

Speaking off, @dashingdon, would wearing certain article of clothing affect not only stats, or rather charisma, but even personality wise ?

Hmm interesting. I do have an outfit in the story akin to that now, but it’s much less classy than brassy. I’ll have to consider something more decently formal for the dapper folks.

Thank you, that’s really helpful. I hadn’t consciously realized that was an intentional hook until now. I need to start thinking how I can use it.

Clothing affects coverage, defense, concealment, and mobility currently. Outfits won’t affect stats or personality directly, but will affect the story itself and how people react to the player.


Well this is a fun topic! I haven’t really ever written or drawn anything cyberpunk related, but I’ve written/drawn a lot of steampunk, and based on that, I think the main thing I can recommend is lots and lots of little details. Something like a hat or a belt can completely make an outfit if done right. Here are a few little bits and pieces I can think of:

  • Glow in the dark, neon highlights in people’s hair.
  • Animated, holographic projections on people’s shirts (no idea how this would work, but it’d look cool!)
  • Old-school cowboy hats and fedoras to keep out the sun.
  • Cybernetic body enhancements (either for practicality, or just as a fashion accessory.)
  • Iddy-biddy robot sidekicks as pets.
  • Belts equipped with a massive assortment of tools.
  • A selection of old-school masks (if not for radiation, then for the dust). Gas-masks, burn masks, plague doctor masks, face shields, goggles, or even masquerade masks (just as an accessory.)
  • Random objects used as synthetic hair… Ribbons, belts, wires, feathers, needles, Christmas lights… Anything really.

That’s all I can think of for now. Will add to the list if I come up with anything else.

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Oh yes - and do not forget, a ballgown might give a better reception than running around in a refitted vehicle roll cage. And vice versa, in the, ah, ‘right’ company. :grin:

As for outfits, uh… :thinking:

My mind is a blank sheet, so let’s throw that over our heads, shall we? :ghost:


PJs sound like something I’d wear in a post-apocalyptic setting… Comfy and versatile

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Boots, boots are good.

Goggles and head scarves. Think Burning Man attendees. They do this to protect from the sun and from the dust.

Repurposed stuff. Army Gas Mask pouches being repurposed and used as purses for instance.

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