Need help with Lost Heir Fanfic LP Casting Jace/Jess

Ok, I’m new here so I hope I’m putting this in the right category and it gets positive interest. If otherwise, apologies in advance.

I am writing an LP fanfic novelization of the Lost Heir Trilogy on SomethingAwful forums. I’d post a link but A) it’s a pay site and B) I’m not sure how many people would be interested. PM me if you are and I’ll send you a link. I’m doing the LP because I enjoy writing fanfiction and love the games.

Now here’s my problem. I am casting popular actors as character headcanons throughout the LP. Gale is Dakota Fanning, Amos is Cary Elwes, General Vale is Ed Harris, etc. I then use an appropriate picture of the actor or something close to their character I find online as that character’s portrait for dialogue (mostly canon, some original but nothing conflicting with the main plot). I have little artistic talent in creating portraits myself, so I’m a scavenger.

The one character who has me stumped? The dark brooding Soulburner Mage Jace/Jess. I’m not usually attracted to that type of person, and it’s very important to me that I get their character right by channeling the proper inspiration / pic for the fans who are interested in them. I know there are plenty of people here who adore the character. If you can help me, please reply to this topic or PM.

There is plenty of time to help me if you can, we’ve only just met Harmon (Patrick Stewart) and are proceeding slowly but surely so Jace/Jess’s first appearance is at least a month away. I would also love help with Theo/Thea (best I can do for them is Dwayne Johnson / Grace Jones and they’re a bit old). Same for other characters- your choice may be better than mine, who knows?

Any portraits, fan art, or just actor/actress names to google and get me thinking are fine.

Thanks in advance. - AN

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Could Leonardo DiCaprio be Jace?

For Jace I use Tom Hiddleston as he looks as Loki. Jess I use Katie McGrath when she was in Merlin.


This is a bit off topic, but i just cant see Grace Jones as Thea. The Rock is a a great cast, plus he dont look that old and the guy has the physique for it. But Grace Jones, i’m sure shes in greatshape, just doesnt have the physique to be Thea. i’d say go for someone like Ronda Rousey or Gina Carano. Not super famous as actressess, but Ronda Rousey hosted SNL so that count as acting? Gina Carano was in Deadpool and granted didnt do much acting, she had like 10 lines or something, but its still a movie.

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Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate them.

I have found good fanart head-canons for Jace & Jess since my last post, so I am good there. On voices, I like to post an intended voice actor for the character even if I use a fan art head-canon. Lady Evaline for example is getting the voice actor Victoria Akin and head-canon of elderly Evie Frye because of the similarity in characters (also, I loved Evie and want to homage her even though I pretty much disliked the rest of Assassins’ Creed Syndicate).

Back on topic-

Katie McGrath is an excellent choice for Jess. I liked her in Merlin. I will use her. As for Jace, I like Tom Hiddleston better than DiCaprio, so he works there. DiCaprio already has another role lined up anyway as a certain bossy idiot war profiteer. LOL. Thank you for the suggestions I might never have thought of.

On Theo/Thea, I am of course using a young picture of Grace Jones for Thea currently. I will consider using Gina Carano instead. She works great. I want to use someone who at least looks like the character in question as described in LH’s text, so Ronda Rousey is out (too blonde). But good suggestion- I do respect Rousey as a fighter so maybe she can cameo as a Weapon Master or something… just decided I’ll make her Gustwin. That works. :slight_smile:

Also using a young pic of the Rock for Theo (Scorpion KIng days).

The gender of each character and other choice outcomes are determined by the fans of my LP. We’re currently in the Harmon lecture of LH 1.

I appreciate the fast responses and excellent suggestions. If you’d like to follow or participate in the LP, please seek me out on SomethingAwful or PM me here for a link. I still need casting suggestions for the following characters when we get that far if people are interested-

Steve the Bar Server
The 3 Dukes (Eddan, Bandar, Uddo)
Lord Weslo
Naistalan Mulibar
Gnome Burgomaster Snarflan (if we meet him, veteran players know why that’s an IF :wink: )
Tara Cooperson (our MC is female)
Captain Dura
Lane the Merman (our MC is hetero)

All suggestions appreciated, thanks in advance. I can find headcanons or they are appreciated too.

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Lord Weslo is the guy who played Littlefinger in Game of Thrones. For me at least.

Naistalan I picture Lee Pace.

Both sound good. I’ll work them in, thx. I have Poppy, Synden, and Syndi now also.

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I haven’t played part 3 yet unfortunately.

Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick - Harry Potter) for Gnome Burgomaster Snarflan.

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Now why didn’t I think of that? Thx! :slight_smile:

For the dwarf king I have been picturing Billy Connolly as Dain.

I already cast John Rhys-Davies, but Billy Connolly can do the Crossbow Dwarf maybe. :slight_smile: Billy Boyd is Lomi and Sean Astin is Yam.

Thank you all for your interest and responses. It has been a lot of help. I appreciate any more that comes.

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I can see that! What about Gurstwin?

I mentioned Rhonda Rousey earlier, but if people want to make suggestions I’ll take them. I have the head canons, just need voice actors to plug.

Captain Dura is Eliza Dushku.

I’ve named the two most dangerous Demons employed by Zusak Kut’Seen (the Mirror Demon, Fred Tatisciore voice) and Rale’Run (the Invisible Demon, Jennifer Hale). It seems appropriate. Let all gamebook players finally get the chance to take on the manifestations of these concepts! :smiley:

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Okay, taking a risk and letting folks here know the LP will be in progress on SomethingAwful fully now (I had to take it over from voters, shut it down, and restart things to do it properly).

If you are interested, you can come check it out. I’ll post a link when I have the first chapter up unless a CoG admin or Lucid PMs me and says “Bad Idea”. SA is a pay site, but the money is not going to me and there’s a lot more going on there besides fanfic, so I think it’s enough of a legal gray area to do an expanded LP fanfic of these games. I won’t be the first to do such an LP, just the first I know of for a CYOA game.

Some of the epic twists I have planned include-

  • Lost Heir Daria has become a world where the game characters actually exist and live out their lives a la Wreck it Ralph or Ready Player One.

  • A virus in the Lost Heir system called Nemesis is corrupting the code, creating and throwing in strange new characters from other media, and expanding many canon game characters in ways the original game did not anticipate. It is also creating an opposing character among the Lost Heir’s enemies for every one of her allies. A player who is my Author Avatar must team up with the Lost Heir character Princess Renata and her companions and other allies to play through the game and address every facet of this virus they can. It needs to be explored and fully probed before it can be appropriately defeated.

  • Thanks to the virus, Selina has become a Dark Mirror version of Princess Renata, the Villain Counterpart to Renata’s heroine with Evil Counterpart Nemeses for all Renata’s companions and allies on her side as Minions (Dorgan for Theo, Bolwen for Jess, Uddo for Tovar, Dark Elves for the Elves allied with the Lost Heir, a Dark Knight Archer based off Captain Phasma for Karla, other people I can’t talk about right now for everyone else). Renata will have to take on some new and dangerous foes, and address all canon game situations in unexpected ways. This includes Zusak, Selina, Thuja, Kut’Seen, and Rale’Run. Same for a lot of game situations that were left open-ended in the canon Lost Heir text.

  • Zusak has a new secret motivation for his actions that might actually motivate players to forgive him at the end. Or not. He is also working with Bla’kirr, Tyborr’s Nemesis. Renata’s not a Demon Summoner, but she is getting to experience Tyborr’s help through Poppy/Synden Summoning him.

  • Selina has two Reds. The first is a false defector neither Renata nor Selina will know about until after Renata loses the Siege of Tornassa only one person among our companions is devious enough to pull that off on her own… and the other is a character based off the Well-Trained, then Abandoned Tourney Horse .

  • It will be a run with a mostly Good but Practical Princess who will endeavor to max out Unarmed, Magic, Perception, Arcana, History, and Charm as Heroine. Her class levels will include Monk, Seer, and possibly Sage. We may have to deal with King Gerald’s hereditary madness at some point. We’re also going Good long enough to get help from Suno and Evil long enough to get a Dreadhorse, then probably go back to Good.

  • Renata’s companions will also be taking on various classes to show off other character options in addition to their canon abilities. Karla will become a Ranger and later an Artificer. Theo will be a Weapon Master (based off Blademaster, using Hammer, Thuja is also an Axe Master now). Jess will be a Luck Mage with Poppy/Synden as her Catalyst for Soulburning. Gale will get the original Prestige Class of Royal Spy. Bran will train as a War Master under General Vale and later surpass him. Petra (only an occasional Easter Egg that pops up now and then, she or Peter may be more in a later fanfic run) will be keeping her current class levels.

  • Our Mentor is Sister Geri, but the other possible Mentors will also have their chance to shine. Same for every character in the game. All will be cast as some famous celebrity if I can think of someone appropriate (the Villains are Dave Bautista as Thuja, Famke Janssen as Selina, and Jonathan Frakes as Zusak).

  • It will be a fic full of summary and tropes for ease of reading and writing. I hope it will be well-received.

Peace, hope I can see some of you on SA when it begins. Later it will be available in the free LP Archive affiliated with SA if it finishes and you don’t want to pay to check it out.

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Here is the promised link to the LP. Enjoy!


Fanfic won’t be finished due to audience & muse troubles. Oh well. I at least got some great game experience and the code for the games out of it. I plan to attempt to turn that into a walkthrough of the games decisions & stat bonuses I’ll post on GameFAQs and link to in the Cult of Neo thread when it’s done.


I’m glad you had fun with it before it ended. :slight_smile:

Thx, me too. I’m also glad to have discovered at least one game bug in the process (if Suno/a isn’t supposed to be random gender make that 2).

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