Need help with Lost Heir Fanfic LP Casting Jace/Jess

Can you send what there is of it?

Visit the link. I destroyed the pics and my rough drafts this morning to get things out of my system. The main issues were lack of apparent audience attention and the plot becoming increasingly convoluted as I developed a maxing out stats obsession. The final straw was when I retconned my character just to be sure she could get an extra +3 Charm from the random gender Suno/a. She was heterosexual before, now she needs to be bi! Then I ended up role playing new Romances during the retcon even though I swore I shouldn’t just to play out the new sexual orientation, somehow missed the point where you can get extra 5 Charm from Romancing both Theo & Gale, then let the one you don’t want down easy at only -5 Relations, and ended up with exactly the cliched tragic bisexual woman I hate reading about! I got to wondering if I should treat sexuality so casually, was I doing the right thing (I wanted my earlier Romance with Theo but now I was into Gale and even Karla too!), then I found that moment in the game script someone sent me and I finally cracked open. Writer bipolarism overwhelmed me. :frowning: I shut things down.

In retrospect, I may have picked the wrong place to post my story. Time may also help edit it in my mind to better quality, along with better planning, reading the game script, and audience support. If I find a better place to post it and get what I need to start writing again in the future I will let people know. Your encouragement is appreciated. Thanks.

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While the story itself may not ever come out of my mind- :man_shrugging: - I did write an LP of it into my FAQ for The Lost Heir 1: The Fall of Daria. That document has just been posted on GameFAQs today. If anyone is interested, click this link. I also plan to write FAQs with LPing for the other two games in the Lost Heir series- look for them to be released on GameFAQs in the next month or two. Thanks to all my contributors and fans, and to Lucid for the entertainment. Happy gaming, y’all.