Names for all in the land


Names, names, names. What’s in a name? What’s in YOUR name? Name.

Okay, I think I’m done with overdoing it…

I so happen to be curious what people think about names and what names you’d like to see available for selection in a COG/HG? Does it even matter to you? Do you think they should have some kind of connection to the stats or not?


Logan. Logan for the win


I would like gender specific (and non-gendered) names that are suitable for characters in the world. Even if I don’t pick the names provided they give me an idea of what people are called, so I don’t end up being DEATH=ADDER in a game where everyone else is Alana, Brenda and Charles.


There must always be a Jack.


@FairyGodfeather I have no idea what you mean. DEATH=ADDER is an excellent name.

Basically, I would just like to see some names that people would like to see in available. The names I have as choices in SLO… They feel a bit bland and impersonal having pulled them from a baby name website. I kinda want names that would give people pause in choosing a name from the menu(one they really like) vs writing in a name themselves.


Unoriginal though, I’m afraid.


Well what names are you using?


Anna - an anagram and palindrome- very subtle there; none would guess it would be spelled the same coming or going.



Ashley, Nicole, Amber, Christina, Mary.

Matthew, James, Adam, Nicholas, Charles.

Casey, River, Morgan, Corey, Taylor.



Yeah those names are kinda generic.

I’d just feel safe in choosing my own name with those provided. I’ve never seen Corey for a girl, admittedly. But I have seen guys called Ashley.


Hmm…too bad Scotland didn’t vote for independence when they could, maybe then Atkinson (or a worthy successor) could have finally done the chronicles of (mad) Mac Adder. :wink:



Yeah, they’re nice enough names for real life, but for being in fiction, they lack the charisma they need to be picked.


For lists of names I tend to do every name should start with a different letter. If I’ve got a modern game, I’d try and make sure that all the names don’t feel so very white.

OR! Use my name generator. :slight_smile:


I just may have to do that. It would certainly be a solution to the problem. You are a genius having made that.


Heh not a genius. It’s super clunky code and I don’t think I ever got around to the unisex names.

EDIT: Apparently I did assemble a list of unisex names. I just didn’t code up the file. Fixed that now.


Avery, Cain, Lucy, Gwen, Elizabeth, Louis Cypher, Lucifer, Logan, Drake, Dracul, Bathory, Blood…

The avatar of the Ultimate being controlled by the one above who dictates every action out of a select few choices in the world and can easily kill or save anyone on a whim.


Yeah, there are some “unisex” names that don’t really belong under a unisex banner… For whatever reason, people seem to think if they name their son Vivian or their daughter Logan it makes it a unisex name when it’s actually just giving your son/daughter a female/male name.

But, hey. Who am I to talk? I used to want to use the names Maximilian and Noah for a girl. It’d probably be safe to say just about any name this day and age can/could be unisex with the swapping going on. Some day there will be a gamebook where I can play as a male vampire named Mandy.


Names are something I’ve played with for quite some time.
They are lovely little things, they can convey so much in so little time.

The way they sound is as important as the meaning that comes attached to them.
So before you even look up the meaning to some you can just listen to the ways a word sounds.

SO in answering Names attached to stats, what of titles! Berserker! Before you even know the meaning, the sound of it just screams dangerous wild and the like. So maybe certain titles and abilities could possibly connect to previous choices. Say if I were to add a ‘superhero’ name set of choices based on actions taken earlier in my story Freak A power based character could accumulate a list of powerful hero names, or maybe speed names , or agility ect…


There must always be a Jack.

I so totally agree!


Vivian was a unisex name. It’s predominantly a female name now, but it didn’t use to be.

Named after the actor who played Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m always shocked at how little I see Elizabeth in games, except when it comes to vampires for some reason…now that I think about it I do work 3rd shift…crap! [checks for fangs]