Is there a way to find out the statistics of names in HG and CoG?

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I could not find any other forum entry regarding this specific topic, that is why I wanted to ask it here:
Is there a way to find out the statistics of names used in HGs and CoGs? I would especially be interested in finding out the numbers of how often a name has made any appearance in any CoG/HG game AND its relation to relevance. (Maybe relevance could be measured by counting the amount the character’s name appears in all the possible paths?). An added bonus would be to find out how often a name is connected to a parent, a friend, a RO, a sibling and similiar categories. But I do not know how to go about this.

I’m glad for your ideas and input! :slight_smile:

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No one’s done the research so far I think.

Also, seeing how some games change npc names if they are identical with the player name, that’s something to take into account too


I think the data would have to be manually collected. :thinking::upside_down_face::fearful:


I can’t imagine what name you are thinking of in particular, Isabella.


For the most part, I just make up entirely new names for my characters. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Oh yes, I just thought that maybe there is some official stats page. It would be interesting to see what skills, character names, place names and the like THE AVERAGE Cog/ HG would include. Image playing the average of all the games. That would be incredibly weird and chaotic but truly interesting to me.

@The_Lady_Luck This, or you would compile all the data of all the game files in one bigger file and let the game search for name variables linked to pronouns?

@hustlertwo Sh, I know, it is hard to see a pattern in my topic history. So far I’ve created three topics, two being on names :stuck_out_tongue: ((Whispers: Also, check out the drawing I posted in your thread :P))

@samuel_h_young Hehe, interesting approach, but not really what I was wondering about.

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One starting point might be that people name which names they saw where between games?

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Is there an official number of how many CoG and HG there are respectively? We would have to put into perspective how many data there is in the set and how much we looked at so far

You can do a count on the mainpage. I think it nearly a total of 200? 300?

Edit: 93 CoG titles if i didnt miscount
Edit2: 120 HG titles


Mh so looking at 30 at random could help us make an educated guess :smiley: as it would be at least a third. It would not be good, but I think it would help to see patterns and similarities to the naming process?
(And comparing thirty games would not be TOO high to track down)

Giving the array of genre and “cast size”, probably not.

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Already, true, but what if we narrowed it down to a genre?

Going with fantasy, as it is probably the biggest one?

Probably the other thread would be more apropriate, but about the name Morgan I remember only 2 (3 if we count the names offered by the game to name the MC) games where it was used (Magiciras and A Midsummer Night’s Choice) that doesn’t make it too common in CoGs/HGs does it?

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I bet it’s used in Guinevere…

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Yeah,I only know three times it has been used (though in one of those games it was used as a female version of the male name.)

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I bet you are thinking of Pendraggon Rising? :smiley:

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Morgana doesn’t really count here I think. Both in Guenevre and in Pendragon Rising it’s obvious why she had to appear.

Leem has a Morgan in Philo, if we’re counting WIPs.

But the truth is, unless we can find a computer science deep learning specialist who feels like raising a neural network for giggles, and then feeding it COG/HG’s entire output, all we can do is guestimate.


Someone once said on the discord that Jim of Zombie Exodus apparently used the same surname for a character in Safe Haven, regardless of what wad your profession. I don’t think much of it, but perhaps you lot might ?

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What happens if someone types utter gibberish for their MC’s name and/or NPC name? Does that also count?

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