Random Name Generator

Wow. I forgot I made this. I did give the werewolf name generator a go but I got bored of it. Ditto for the syllable one. Bumping this in the hope it’ll encourage me to have another look.

Does anyone have lists of parts of werewolf names? Or syllables to make up fantasy names or something? Or hey want to try making a choicescript generator of your own?

Have you tried looking at Seventh Sanctum, at least for ideas for names to use? They have different kinds of generators for names, from normal, to greek names, to vampire to fantasy and a number of others.

There’s also another site called chaotic shiny that has a name jumbler, so you can put in a normal name and it’ll put out a load of strange/unique jumbles of it.

@FairyGodfeather Mind if I use this for my game?

It’s a cool concept, but it would also make it harder for readers to discuss NPCs with each other and the author.

@Samuel_H_Young True, but personally I was going to use it to generate a unique list of names for the player along with one for inputting their own.

@Fantom Sure. Feel free to. Take it, edit it, do whatever you want with it. I’d actually love if someone got some sort of use out of it.

@Samuel_H_Young I’d actually intended for it to generate PC names, although it likely could be used for NPCs as well.

@Babisko Yeah, that’s one of my favourite name generator sites. I’ve never heard of chaotic jumbler so I’ll give it a look.

Well this could really be used in name selection, you could also give the player to choose a random name if they don’t like any of the names and don’t have any ideas of their own either

mind if i use it?

@Prototype Please do! That’s what I was hoping to use it for, to come up with names for character generation.


Ok guys, here’s a small scene that randomly generates a list of four names or lets you choose your own. Here’s the link to the files:

Let me know what you think.

@Fantom Oh that looks awesome. It’s nice.

@FairyGodfeather Did you get a chance to look at the code? I did it mainly as a coding exercise.

I had a skim, yes.

I’m not overly keen on long lists of if statements, so I tried an alternate method of referencing.
I guess it’s just a code legibility preference, I doubt it makes much difference to performance (good or bad), and I didn’t bother converting all 300(?) names.

But good job @FairyGodfeather - this is pretty cool!

Example: http://bit.ly/1a0Wr2D
Example Code

@CJW Oh, that’s complicated. :slight_smile: It’s really interesting to see an alternative way to do things. I’d thought having so many variables, even temp ones might be bad. I’ve no idea why though. And well, actually I never even contemplated doing it with temp variables.

Oh I do like it in the ide though. That’s awesome to be able to do that.

I took the names from http://www.babycentre.co.uk/a1026121/unisex-baby-names and am currently working on a unisex name list for the generator.

Of course then I remember @CJW had some alternative code that used setref.

And also that there’s the new way of doing things. Only it’s still a little beyond me and somewhat overwhelming.

So I’m likely going to set aside some time and try and wrap my head around rewriting the code.

I take it I can rewrite this code using the techniques laid out New ChoiceScript features for programmers so that it doesn’t use a zillion if commands?

So I discovered I had actually assembled a list of unisex names. I’ve not actually tried this code out to see if it works so if someone else could that’d be great.

The unisex names are just what was on my list that I’d gathered from all over. I don’t like all of them, but I couldn’t decide which to cull which is why there’s 106 instead of 100.



I tossed it into the CSIDE desktop beta for a test run and am happy to report it works just fine (passed Quicktest too). I like it! :slight_smile:

Two other options might round things off nicely:

  1. First screen, an option to choose a Unisex name specifically (handy for gender-flip designs I should think?) as well as male or female.

  2. Second screen, an option to keep the surname and try out a new forename. Not essential, just worth consideration to round things off.

  1. AHA! Thanks! I can’t believe I forgot to edit it to add in the unisex name choice. :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Great idea!

I’ll get those done later today.


There are actually some really great websites to generate fantasy names. They sound really cool.
Some of which I personally use are:

  1. Fantasynamegenerators
  2. Fantasynamegen
  3. Donjon, etc.

Although there are even many more except from them. You can read more about it.