Names for all in the land

Literally the only gripe I have about Isaac Asimov’s books (I loved all else) were the names. He liked to take names like Daniel and make them Daneel and that for some reason seriously irked me.

Other than mangling common names with uncommon spelling, I like all sorts of names.

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Because Elizabeth Bathory. A lady who bathed in the blood of her workers to maintain her youth, like Vlad Tepes is associated with vampires.


Well, I’ve just been asking people in my thread what their MCs were called, and plan on “canonising” the ones I like best. :sweat_smile:

I will quickly go by your thread and work on making DEATH=MCADDER canon then, shall I? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like Elizabeth :smile:

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I said “the ones I like best.” :unamused:

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Always so mean to me :person_with_pouting_face:

How about Tooty Fruitesqua

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Actually getting to choose my character’s name isn’t that important to me. Usually that choice is made very near the beginning so I don’t really know who my character is yet so it’s impossible to choose a name that fits her.

The odd time that I’ve chosen “wrong,” name I’ve found by the end it really didn’t matter.

Maybe it felt funny being called Suzy, when halfway through the story my character was more of a “Valytra Mistress of Pain,” but by the end whatever name I chose had become the word for my character.

@FairyGodfeather Really? I just know it as a female name and a character in DA:I with that name.

@ParrotWatcher Does that mean Mary Mary could be an available name? :open_mouth:

@Camille622 Well, the choosing of name and gender will be a little farther back in the game I’m working on, instead of being right at the beginning, when it’s brought up by the group you’re with.

I suppose now I’m wondering how people would feel about being able to type in a certain name and get certain perks in the game, but also some restrictions(was also thinking achievements could tell you the names/code words when unlocked)?

Example: Say you enter the name “Mara” in… You become a Queen in all things manipulation, charisma, and poison, but the character gets gender locked to female if you choose that name?

(Just to let @MaraJade know.)

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You understand Mara better then a lot. Commendable.

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@Eiwynn Well, I just try to pay attention even to small details that someone has said at one point. It doesn’t always work, but @MaraJade is a memorable person.

Also, charisma is to manipulation as fries is to a burger(or chips to fish… or KFC to Christmas in Japan… etc).

Would be nice to have some names that are ironic to the situation or a genius name that takes advantage of the story, etc.

Eg, Nick for a story about Santa or something

Mary firstname, potentially. Mary lastname, probably not (but you would still be able to type it in yourself).

She also gets surrounded by useless, smelly, whiny NPCs that she has to look after, right? (Also, doesn’t she go by @poison_mara now?)

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It’s Vivienne in Dragon Age isn’t it?

It’s like Evelyn, which was once commonly a boys name but now isn’t. Marion’s been a boy’s name too. And Meredith!

Hrm my list’s missing Sandy and Sal.

I’d say give those bonuses to names chosen specifically from the list. (Robots does it with Pickle I think, and Vampire refuses to let you be some traditional vampires).

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Yeah My Mara Jade account was dependant on a Facebook account that was hacked. So I had to create this one. I am same Mara. And Still using Mara Jade as rp character. Also what is this posting about?

Its about the power of names.

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It’s about MC names. @Outrageous suggested that certain names could be given certain bonuses (and used “Mara” as an example). I was just pointing out that any “Mara” must have dozens of useless NPCs whining and being smelly, to get the accurate Mara Jade experience. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh yeah but I always ending killing them after using them.So no problem parasites always ended dying.


Facepalm time. Well, I did say something along the lines that my memory fails me sometimes… cough Didn’t help that I was distracted with getting ready for work. Thanks @ParrotWatcher and @FairyGodfeather.

I will definitely have to consider a special path for anyone who chooses the name Mara Jade. Stupid, smelly NPC fodder included.