My new game, A Wise Use of Time

Replying to my own post here, but for me (Google chrome) all the choices involving you winning or stealing money (in the form of chips) from the casino during the birthday party do not result in that money actually being added to your money stat. Also I love Kyle, the young bisexual with a kid from an ex, is not something I’ve seen before in a COG so it was very refreshing.

That was really good fun, I like how a lot of the characters are complicated. E.g. Kate’s dad, Prof Oden, Jeremy, Malaya etc. hell even Barnabas. I ended up feeling sorry for that last person, though I don’t think they deserve it…

Very satisfying ending, thank you : D

@fantom thanks!

@Shockbolt thanks to @svick for answering about the fundraiser.

The Kate, Kyle, and father storylines cannot be done in the same playthrough but that’s to encourage replays. With Kate, you need to figure out her personality to get her to like you. If you want specifics, feel free to message me and I’d be happy to give you pointers.

@idonotlikeusernames I will keep checking on the casino chip issue. It seems to be working but I tend to over-complicate code.

As far as Kyle’s character, thanks go to Jason Stevan Hill and Fairygodfeather for their input on making him a more-rounded character.

@Zanite thanks, I tend to like complicated characters and am glad people are enjoying them. Some early reviews were rough, so glad to hear such positive feedback.


Great game, somehow it obscurly reminded me of Highlander.

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you know theres a highlander reference,right

there is also a trophy for getting the highlander reference

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Also a minor nitpick, but if you go out and steal a new wardrobe, none of the characters currently remarks on your wardrobe upgrade, that I’ve noticed. Also thanks @FairyGodfeather for helping with Kyle, I guess, he was very enjoyable. :wink:

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Great game, I really like it :slight_smile:

I wonder how you get the achievement “Helped Kate”. I played as a woman and started a relationship with her and it went well between my character and Kate. I didn’t get the trophy though. I guess it has to do with money?

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@JimD Casino doesn’t payout when you play the blackjack for you,
otherwise the dice it does and the slots it says you cheated.

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It also, doesn’t pay, at least for me, if I choose to steal $2000 in chips instead of cash.

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Hey Jim I finished my play through. Barnabas ended up killing me, so I’m gonna try again. I really liked the story, and it’s got great characters and a good amount of reply ability.

The only thing that I didn’t like was that there seem to be a few choices where you aren’t really choosing between anything, but instead just going through a list of activites. I don’t even mind these kinds of choices if there is some decision making in between activities, but otherwise it just seems a little railroaded. Overall, though, this is probably one of my favorite CoGs.

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@Doctor thanks! As Matteller said, I actually have a Highlander achievement. I liked the idea of a crazy villain who thinks he can steal your power . I love the Highlander series.

@idonotlikeusernames I believe I’ve fixed the issue with casino chips. I am queuing up several other fixes and will add in remarks about the wardrobe change.

@MadameMayor thanks! To achieve Helped Kate, in chapter 10, go to Kate’s party and select I’d like to give you the money you need for your father’s nursing home. You will need $18,000 and a relationship score over 70 (or 60 if she’s your girlfriend).

@jcury thanks for the help in figuring it out.

@Samuel_H_Young thanks for playing. Are you talking about chapter 6 in the mall before work?


No, that was fine. I was referring to choices like some of the ones where you’re talking to Kyle while getting ready for the conference. You can choose some questions, but then you don’t get to respond to what he says or anything.

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Oh I see. Some of that quick pace is to keep things moving. Some testers felt it was too slow. Thanks for the feedback :smile:

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I believe I found a mistake. I’m not sure if you could do anything about it, but I’d like to point it outlet regardless if you can fix it.

There was double quotes in the sentence.

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Even if they don’t remark on how snappy you dress, who can resist that delicious bank heist? Everyone spends the game talking about a lack of money while I am just sitting here “Oh hey guys, I can totally help if you let me, yeah… Any day now…”

In other news, finished all the female romances, Olivia was definitely the strongest out of the three though I didn’t really connect with them much. I’m kind of dreading the male romances since I already dislike the options, I can’t imagine they get much better.

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Hey @Sylfaen. Do you think you can give me a pointer for the 3rd female romace?

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@Sylfaen How many female romances are there? so far i got 3
And yes i too agree that Olivia is by far the best, however none of them
is anything
to get excited about.

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But I like having people remark on how snappy, or unconventional, I dress. True about the bank heist though.
Heh, I usually end the game with the epilogue where you help both others and yourself, as it should be. If I were amazing at something including superheroing in RL I would wish it to actually benefit me as well.
Even though this is not strictly speaking a superhero game I’ve really never understood why most superhero’s don’t (want to) benefit materially from their actions.

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Is there any chance for a sequel in the future? If you say no my morale will decrease to 0! :anguished: Five stars for this game anyway!

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I have no idea which one’s you haven’t done, so…

Olivia publicly save Hailey Silas and try to get her mentored by the famous tattoo artist, at the end of the game do the fundraiser

Kate just spend time with her and don’t be an ass, try to collect 18K before the end of the game

Alisha When you visit her in the Hospital, convince her to stay in town at least. Then at the fair you can talk to her and it should activate the romance

Just three, as far as I can tell. Silas is obviously unable to be romanced, as is the tattoo artists. Oden also doesn’t seem all that interested in you from a romantic standpoint. You never meet Jennifer or Tracy more than once.

The only other named girls in the game is Benjamin’s daughters, who are not romance options for obvious reasons.