My Day off Work

UPDATE: If you looked at this the first six hours or so it was up, you might have played a much older draft that was linked by mistake. If possible, please go back and try the newer version that’s there now.

Hi there -

This is a pure time-waster, but in the best sense of the word – an opportunity to wander through a small world I’ve created where no game should last too long, but where there are dozens of possible outcomes, some funny, some serious, some seriously weird.

It’s your day off work and your alarm wakes you up at 7 am. From there it’s your choice what happens next. I posted a thread late last year about this project, but the “finished” version is almost three times as big. So please have a look, wander around, and let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance and hope your day is going well.


~Beta is now closed.~


Is there any option to set the player’s sex?

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No. The game is deliberately identity-neutral. You are whatever you imagine yourself to be. No gender-exclusive language. There are also a handful of spots where you can develop romantic relationships and the game never assumes your orientation.

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I think there may have been a choice where the character was revealed as being female. I could be wrong though.

If you see it again let me know. That’s not my intention.

There’s a line when you get your shoe peed on about being a “princess” or something, but that’s just the other character telling you not to worry about it.

There’s an error where you are able to correct the dad multiple times even if you corrected him already.

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Loved it!

Woke, got into a mime fight, got a free t-shirt, saw a homeless man’s wee wee unintentionally, had lunch, stopped a fire, went to a museum (cause I work at one in real life so it was a no brainer) nearly got shot amid a couple spouse, went home, watched Daredevil on Netflix and bed. I consider that an eventful day.

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Uh, I recently noticed that dropbox might have had old versions of startup and a couple other files. I’ve updated them. So if you were playing a version of the game where going to the beach wasn’t an option, for example, then please try again. Sorry.

Bumping just this once. I’ve heard from a few people but if anyone else has feedback don’t be a stranger.


I will try to read it tonight when the kids are in bed (you know how it is).

I thought the original version was really fun so I look forward to this!

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Having literally just put the kids to bed yes, yes I do. :slight_smile:

Very fun, lots of replay value! :blush:

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“We’re going to make history,” you say. “They’re going to need to update the Richter scale when this gets going because I’m going to --”

“-- stop talking,” comes the response, as she is already getting things underway

I’m laughing a little too much at that scene XD incredible amounts of replay value, I just spent two hours playing this


This is hilarious, a lot of replayability as well. Trying to find every path is great, definitely going to come back to this!

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That moment you play this while you’re at work. But I enjoyed this a lot, kinda refreshing cause of the short paragraphs and what not.

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I’m all about the what not.

“Excuse me, sir,” a man says as you walk by. “Can I ask you a question?” HINT: Try going to specific destinations rather than simply wandering around aimlessly.

Another non gender neutral bit of text

Thanks. Fixed. Even though that’s one of the earliest bits of text I wrote, I never noticed the problem until you posted it. Funny how sometimes you can’t see the stuff that’s right in front of your face.

Just treid it for first time in ages. Love the update :smiley: are you going to publish this? You really should you sense of humour is amazing and not sure how long this is but played it like 20 times and still always come across new text. :open_mouth:

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Thanks so much for that feedback!