Murder serial killer game


I want to to make a game but I don’t know how but that is not what I want to talk about what I do want to talk about is suggestions on what should I put in the game

Here is the basis you play as a serial killer and a cop you choose to kill people who made your job a living hell and those people are criminals I am putting that there for a moral thing but maybe there will be a karma system when the game is done like a humanity system any features should I add tell me


By the way the people you kill will be criminals like pedophiles, rapists, murders, other serial killers, and mobsters maybe more but those are beginning


Will there be couple of romance choices and gender option and if we get injured will there be a state saying you have a scar near your eye or something


So you’re Dexter? Cool.


Dexter was my first thought when I read this too.


Basically what I said but my post had to be 20 characters. Well now my post is.


Is the cop the serial killer, or are we playing two opposing characters?


Based on how it’s worded, I think you are the same person like cop by day, serial killer by night. You’re Dexter.


It’s kind of a shame that you add the little pillow of rapists, murderers and other serial killers… If you wanna go serial killer then why not just do it full out with guns blazing! :skull_crossbones:

nooo… but seriously, you don’t have to add the moral point of a cop killing bad people just to soften the blow of you being a serial killer, it could be even more interesting (in my opinion) to make a game about a serial killer where the player shapes their own killer and the deranged reasons for commiting the murders… You could make a notoriety system to track if the player is subtle or flashy in killing and then if you become a bit too flashy and deranged, the police might make a unit to track you down so you would have to try to balance it a bit… or not. And then you could have all these different stats, like maybe your MC isn’t the sharpest so they forget evidence on the scene or maybe they aren’t strong enough to bust down the door that the victim is hiding behind…

But if you just want to write about a cop that kills in the night and didn’t add it for the reasons I just vomited in this text, then your of course welcome to do so, it was just my thoughts :grin:


There’s a bit of this in Quantic Dreams games - specifically Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain


Yeah sure I can do that i will even let you create your backstory from different parts and your starting age and why your killing people and I will let you choose your day job, your sexuality everything is your choice I will give you everything you want out of this


Yes you will be able to do that


Kinda like Death Note? You could put in a choice where you either have to kill an innocent to cover your tracks or risk exposure.


Sure I guess that can be a system in the game


That’s okay I will put that in how detailed do you want it to be


I mean they don’t necessarily have to be an important character or even have a name but it would an interesting moral dilemma and sort of be the beginning of the PC’s corruption to killing anyone he wants and not just criminals (at least if the player chooses to go that route)


I’d play it sounds interesting.


Sounds good I guess any other suggestions for me to add


Thanks any suggestions for me to add


This topic has a lot of potential. Just giving you some ideas…

As of the childhood, it is widely known that that is what makes most serial killers, so it is a good idea to make an entire chapter on that. Either that or you can do what Life of a Mobster did, start since the childhood. I would make really messed up backgrounds and a normal one, the normal one because some killers had normal upbringing and, well, are just downright fucked up in the head.

Anyways, gonna keep an eye on this, hopefully you can don the WIP and doesn’t end like this…