Mourning Light (The World's Smallest Demo)

What makes something alive in a world of death?

Ow, dang. The edge in this one is too real.

Anywhooo, I mentioned a while ago I’d make a cyberpunk game while working side to side with Of Beasts and Humans. Well, I decided to both put that into fruition and throw it out into the trash.

Say hello (or don’t, I’m just some person on the Internet, not a cop) to my current side project, Mourning Light and its short as hell demo! The plot currently is very vague, but I can say for certain that it is very revolving around robots, post-apocalyptic fantastical lands, and the nature of death. Think NieR meets Casshern Sins meets Kindred.

So check it out, see if it piques your interests any with its super vague commentary and totally-not-a-ton-of-flower-symbolism-I-didn’t-steal-from-OBaH.

Edit: So I managed to whip up a plot in less than 24 hours praise be. I mean I had an inkling but now it’s a squid-kid.

As I stated, there are two routes. Life and Death. The rabbit girl is Death and the fox boy is Life. If you take the Life route, you are able to revive the dead, give immortality and generally be a figure of salvation (Messiah-figure). If you take the Death route, you can kill anyone and anything and must serve as the world’s Grim Reaper. Also see dead humans.

The world the duo shove you in is the same world, it just varies on whose route you take. The world is post-apocalyptic in the sense humanity is dead and AI has created their own society in turn. It’s very nature-looking and is strangely populated.

Characters in the Death Route are: A little girl and her giant robot, someone out for the formula for immortality to cure their sibling, and a nun (aesthetically) that is looking for the meaning of what it means to live.

Characters in the Life Route are: A mysteriously severely broken immortal robot who is looking for death, someone who sees your salvation as a hoax and thinks you’re messing with natural order and the region’s dictator who is looking for humanity and atonement no matter the cost (sorta-inspired by AM from I have no mouth and must scream).



Looks intresting for a intro
and what is [quote=“Ledalla, post:1, topic:22571”]

It’s an acronym for Of Beasts and Humans, my other WiP. Four words is simply too much to type for my lazy bum~

Oh yes, that reminds me, I know for a fact the game will be split into two major routes. Life and Death. So the Life Route is completely different from the Death one

*Edit The stats screen should be fixed (not that it has a use yet)


Hue, I wanted to see my stats when suddenly I was attacked by that stupid error it would always give me. I hate that error, it makes me sad. It’s interesting so far, and I look forward to updates :eyes:

Also no one will beat my first demo. It had 5 choices, and three total pages

“Smallest demo”? I take that as a challenge, now I’m gonna upload my own demo and it’s gonna be EVEN SMALLER.

but in all seriousness it looks interesting so far, I just find the fact that there are no more than two lines in most pages a little annoying, but nothing major

oh and small question: when I choose grey or white hair for my character does that mean that they are old or that they dyed their hair (through normal or magical means)?

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Ah yeah that’s just the beginning. If you know of Kindred from League of Salt (I mean Legends) I was kind of going for that kind of vibe!

Also in regards to the hair question:

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havent played LoL in over 4 years and I’m very proud of that, but I still check out some of the more interesting heroes and if you manage to capture that same idea I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy playing this.

…and I really love that gif

Looks interesting hope u stick with it.

This like reading trailer to be honest😂

To the fair I was having trouble making up choices at the start. Where it ends off there’s supposed to be a choice but the game was being a salty potato with me.

Coding, how do it work

Why I’m always the last one in noticing your games?

Do you guys have been conspiring against me don’t you…?

Anyway conspirators apart

The game is very promising Ledalla! It looks mysterious yet intriguing >.>

I’m not important so I cannot give a seal of approval however…

By the Authority of the president of the Unite States of America I give you a! Thumbs up:D

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Not sure if this is the end of the game or a bug

Currently that is the end, yes. I’m going to add more to it, I just felt I should give something for a demo instead of being like “Interest Gauging” for the fifth time (I think it’s the fifth. Don’t quote me. I’m not good enough at taxes for that.)

Note: I also added more detail about the plot to the original post.

Aaaaahhhhh too short, need more! Why is that girl in a stupid rabbit suit?

Because the furries are taking over the world. Next are the furry robots. Also known as…

…The Furbys.

*Note: Do not allow me to pun, because punning is bad for the soul


I really like the concept! :o Can’t wait until more gets written!

Oh god Furbies are the devil! Also I was making a movie reference. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the kind of cluelessness that the reader feels. I have no idea what’s going on, and I love it. I look forward to seeing more of this. If you’re designated to a root (disregarding the actual choice that the player makes), is the player choosing to play messiah/reaper? Is it under threat of the rabbit and fox? Are they a completely reformed being, and can’t help but follow their coding, as it were?

Thank you so much! Your words are so supportive =w=

As for your questions, yes the biggest choice in the game is being the messiah or the reaper, since it completely converges the story path. However, it’s not so much a choice as it is a threat made by Fox and Rabbit -in story-. Let’s just say when I finally get to updating this, the example the duo show of Purgatory is not…pleasant.

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I cant wait for the pain in the Death route. All the moral dilemmas we must face! Please do destroy us emotionally.:hugs:

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