The Museum of Living Death (WIP)

“With the small press of a button, the world around you stirs. Voices assault your ears and your eyes open to their staring faces. The (Body Museum) is open, and you’re the best attraction.”

Welcome to your afterlife. You are the first in a new type of post-mortem museum, re-animated by the push of a button. While your exposed chest cavity displays the inner workings of the heart and lungs, you are left to talk with the smiling masses, telling them tales of the past and what life in a museum is like. Will you befriend the person you notice always listening to your stories? Will you decide to deactivate yourself for good?

This game is a character-driven game…and there are only two “main” characters. There isn’t a lot of action or exploration, but it will be heavily choice-influenced and story driven as you recall your past and converse with this stranger. Romance, friendship, rivalry, etc. will be possible with the other character. I can’t give too much away, so I’ll leave it there. ; )

Demo link coming soon~ Title and Game still WIP~

This is a game my sister and I are working on together. I have another individual project that you’ll eventually see, so the progress is going to be a bit slower. (I know, I should focus on one! But she is very busy, so the progress all depends on her schedule.) Any questions or comments will be answered as long as they don’t involve spoilers. Thank you!


Seems neat. I’ll be awaiting a link to check it out.

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Definitely an interesting idea can’t wait to try the demo

Sounds like Galatea, but with the perspective flipped. Exciting.

This game has the potential to be dark, weird and deeply disturbing, which is actually my cup of tea. Is most of the action going to be flashbacks interposed with the main character’s current life? You put the player in a static position as a postmortem exhibit. They’re technically dead and only work when you push a button, and so I wonder how you’ll handle the endings. Will the main character’s situation remain hopelessly static to the end? Will the main character remain as an exhibit to the very end? Will the emotional thrust be centered around the one relationship and the main character’s recollections of the past? How many different kinds of relationships will you integrate into the game? For instance, can I be cruel and ill-tempered to the stranger?

These are more rhetorical questions than anything else. Your synopsis of the story is very curious to me. I look forward to see what you do with this.


sounds interesting…

Thank you all for the kind words! Your support is very appreciated, <3

@Chwoka Ooh~ I had to look it up and it seems very interesting! (I think I found the right one; It’s by Emily Short?) I’ll definitely have to play it.

@LacetheDisgrace I’m excited you like it! I know this genre/subject matter isn’t to everyone’s liking, which is very okay, but it’s fun to explore. I hope we capture the feelings appropriately through the writing. Also, thank you so much for the questions. I love getting asked things that reinforce the dimensions of the work. For answers, even though they were rhetorical, I’ll answer in a somewhat vague sense as not to give too much away. (Mystery ooooo) The action and narrative relies on a blend of your history and current state, though the allotment will rely on choices you have made. The endings will rely on your relationship with the stranger to a certain extent as well as collective input gathered throughout the game, which in turn will change the options available later on. We hope to not limit based on choices but rather provide more. (So you won’t be punished for having a positive or negative relationship, or abiding my certain choices or actions, but instead will be offered different results and consequences.) We hope all types of relationships will be fully offered and fleshed out, cruel and ill-tempered included!

I’m sorry if there are more questions than before due to my shoddy answering skills. Again, thank you for your curiosity. (Also, I love your work. Big time lurker and big time fan!)

Thanks again you guys. I know the synopsis is very short at the moment and I wish I could provide more details. The demo, as well as my other demo, is currently being worked on with love. My next update will be when it’s ready to post. Hopefully that will be soon! (My sister is kind of the determining factor for this one and she is not good with schedules. Sigh.)

A character-driven game with romance, friendship, rivalry aspects, and a mysterious, intriguing, dark plot, is the kind of game I really love to play. :blush:
Can’t wait for your demo! :smile:
May I ask, is it going to be genderlocked or you’ll be able to play both as female and male?

So like night at the museum but I only activate at the press of a button instead of every night?

so how old is the MC that’s in the museum did they die recently or what and will the museum have different sections based on the way people died i just like the thought of a normal person ( the MC’s stranger that always visits them) being intrigued by a assassin/ soldier/ criminal/ or insane serial killer

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