A Peace Through Death

I’m really excited for how how much support I received in so short a time, so here’s something else I had rattling in my brain from Development Hell

It is the year 2384(may change), eighty years after World War Six changed the world forever.

If someone from before that time were to see the current social order before them, they would see something efficient and kind, maybe even annoyingly so.

But if they took the time to look harder, they would notice the heavy strain lying under the surface.

At first, they only concerned themselves with serious offenses to the law, giving them the punishment they needed to leave our glorious earth.

But they must have grown drunk with power,

because it went from serious offense to lazy child in the time it took our world to blink.

So, what do you think?

Any questions? I’m curious.


Umm… let me get this straight.

The year is 2384, and the setting is a utopian world 80 years after WW6.

However, the utopia is fake and the law’s basically enforced only because the officials just wanted to maintain their power?

Date and Whatnot- Yes

Fake Utopia- Yes

Law- Kinda?

The last one is a bit particular, because it did have an ‘honest’ purpose during and after the Purge, but it’s new purpose is mostly to snatch up new players.

It’s an interesting setting, but what’s the plot? Who is the MC and what is their goal in the game? :blush:


I admit I’m also curious about the plot. After all, you can only get so far with just the premise.

I like the setting but what is the plot?

That reminds me a lot of No.6 (it was a very slight shonen-ai manga/show). The government was enforcing a utopia that wasn’t really a utopia at all, but almost a prison and if you didn’t conform or you questioned the government you would disappear.

It’s a bit like that, mixed with the hunger games.