Mortal Odyssey (WIP)

Don’t worry, that choice will come back.

I am sooo looking forward to more updates on this thread!!! The game has little to no grammar or spelling errors and the little plot is incredibly enticing.

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Only noticed this one bit

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Thank you! Though I’m sure that I’ve missed plenty if my mini tests along the way. Mainly I’m more focusing on getting it to run smoothly.

If people find any, I would definitely appreciate it if they let me know.

And by the by, I hope to have another update up soon.

Whoops. Thanks for that. Consider it fixed.

Oh, perhaps I didn’t notice it, but since appearances in the game can be randomized, why do we seem to instantly recognize each other in the game? Did they all choose to make their avatars look the same?

And why do they seem to recognize the MC even if their appearance isn’t the same?

I think the appearance option is temporarily out of play.

Well if it’s too much trouble, one could always have you select your appearance in the game, only to discover that you’re character looks just like you anyway.

Which would be very creepy, if a tad disappointing.

It would be creepy, your right. But, what if over time you’re appearance slowly morphed over time until you eventually look like the appearance you selected? That’d be really creepy with the Abomination or Random Button pick

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Man, I’m loving the discussion going on here. It’s awesome.

But don’t worry, the whole, recognizing each other thing will be explained. I just like think that the characters have other issues to worry about, first.

I’ve actually had this exact same idea, apart from some variations, before which I was going to attempt after finishing my current project. However, I’m glad someone’s had a similar idea. Good luck with it.

And if you ever need a co-writer, i’d be more than happy to join you.

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Thanks. If I run into a particularly nasty issue, I’ll be sure to let you know. Good luck with your own project, by the way.

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So what exactly will appearance impact once you code it? Will it alter other characters’ opinions and actions, or will it be a small detail thing?

I’ve already coded it in right now, but for the plot, it won’t actually come into play until later. I do feel ok in saying right now that basically none of the other characters made their avatars look exactly as they do. And later on, when meeting other characters and learning of magic of this world, that information will be more public.

Was that a ninja update or just an edit to your local file?

Local. I want to get to a specific point in the plot (which should be soon) before I replace the dropbox url.

Coolio. You have me intrigued

That’s the plan. And I’m working on it right now. My hope is to get it ready within the next few hours for this chapter to be complete and replace the url. I just need to find the right first song on Spotify.

Next few hours?! That’s awesome, how do you do that so fast?

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First off, that gif is mesmerizing.

Secondly, I just put on some music and power through it. I’ve found that when I’m just writing new things that I can get a lot done. At least it feels that way. But man, all the different ways to fight took a while to get through.

Then again, that might have been because I did all the goto’s and labels first. Then I just had it all to look at. It’s kind of like when playing a game, walking into a new town, getting a load of quests, and turning the game off for a while to mentally prepare yourself.