Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



Love the new update so far and the fact that you said you’re gonna expand on the monsters’ politics got me excited for the future. You mentioned how the Wendigos isn’t as many as vampires and werewolves so they can’t for a society/hierarchy.
How about expanding on the introductions of ‘non-mainstream’ monster like ghouls and IDK nymphs? Forming a society of diverse outcast amongst even monsters.


This has been answered here and there, but given the size of the thread, can be tough to find. I know @Sashira has addressed this before.

The easiest answer…it depends. Some of it will depend on the species itself, and what they prize, and of course individuals within the species will have different views.

The following is just my take, and what I remember.

A good example are the demons. Given how they must feed, it is pretty much accepted they will date with multiple partners (and this doesn’t include ‘one-night stands’). By the same token, staying monogamous, or as close to it as they go, might generate more controversy since it impacts the health of their partner.

With vampires, it would be accepted as well. In fact, one of the choices for a vampire player to pick is their “parent’s partner” to feed from. So it seems vampires will occasionally get into a very intimate relationship with someone, especially if they feed from.

It would be less accepting among goblins, since they seem to be preoccupied with their fertility as a species, and anything that takes away from it can be a problem.

Werewolves actually seem to be a conservative bunch as well, though I chalk that up more to pack dynamics and instinct as well.

Wendigo are just to few to really have a big consensus on this. There might be some wendigo who are like ‘don’t play with your food’ but there would be others who are like ‘it’s a tough existence and if it helps you get through it.’ It really depends on how human the wendigo in question is.


This game is pretty interesting but I think I played an out of date version, can someone give me an updated link?


I dread to think what my goblin’s parents are going to think when their nice upstanding boy has been attracted to and tried flirting with a Vampire, Wendigo and anti-monster human… at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I meant alphas and werewolves in legends. I didn’t realize you based most of the pack dynamics on actual biology. And by sources I meant like any fictional book, movie, tv show or legend that I’ve read/seen/heard that is about werewolves. I realize that those aren’t exactly a good basis for but I assumed that’s were most of your info would come from. Interesting to see you take the biological route instead of what people have seen in movies, tv, etc. and by differences I meant like is the alpha physically different from the beta. Also the eye color/personality thing is something I’ve noticed from. Ivied and tv shows or comics. Like in wolf form, the person is far more prone to violence. That doesn’t seem to be the case here from what I’ve seen so far.


Same . I want the updated link please


@Babygirl and @Ylva there is only one link and that’s the one in the first post. If you can’t access any new scenes may try to clear your browser’s history/cache, that should normally solve the problem.


That did it. Thanks!


“You don’t have a hellhound. I assume you mean you’re playing as a demon? Even then, you don’t know whether hell even exists. :stuck_out_tongue:

This person who asked that seems obsessed with hellhounds.


It could be funny, though. “Who’s a good little sulfurous monstrosity? You are! You are!”

(And last time I checked, the 'cubus was given the option to mention a ‘pet hellhound’ in art class…although perhaps that was just a joke.)


Shaming? The demon seemed like they were on top of the social pyramid.


Newbie here, so sorry if this question is a lil’ dumb. I was wondering if theres a save feature on this? Or is that closed because its still a wip? Love the story so far btw! Two minutes in and I’m already crushing hard lmaooo literally kick me please :’’)


It’s a fair question, and no, there is no save feature. Most games don’t really have save features for that matter.


Thanks it worked love you))


Does the demon in the game have a “real” (demonic) appearance?


They’re incorporeal creatures, only taking on an appearance when they form a body (or, if too weak to do so, when they enter a dream.) So their “real” appearance is - nothing. A demon’s self-image is not tied to a face.

Actually, there sort of is. In the last update I uploaded the temporary save system I was using with my testers. It’s a bit buggy - for some reason, when reloading it sometimes turns up old scenes that don’t even exist any more - but when it works, it’s a way to restart Day 2 without playing through again.

That’s mostly true; the demon is pretty shameless, and there are only minor challenges to their behavior. There also aren’t any bullies going out of their way to hunt down Benny for being the school genius. So maybe there’s also an element of wish fulfillment to these interpretations.

Yeaaah, demons say a lot of things that aren’t true. I’m kind of liking leaving readers a little confused, though… their origin is confusing.

There are other monsters hanging around. Not all of them have common causes, but you’re onto something. One of those already exists in the game. :smirk:

It’s still there. Since the major edit, I may have changed some stats around to the point where it can’t be reached. I’ll check it out.


@Sashira Just had a wild idea… why not copy and paste all of the questions and answers here into a sort of FAQ you could include in the game somewhere? Maybe in a giant book of lore? That should make the word count skyrocket and significantly add to the depth of the story while not hindering it (because it’s optional research).


Interesting thing about IRL wolves is that the whole “alpha” pack dynamic isn’t actually how they work. Wolves operate in family units in the wild with the parents in charge and the kids ranked by age.

The alpha theory of dominance was based on unrelated wolves in a zoo that ended up establishing a sort of pecking order.


Then again, this is a fantasy setting about fantasy monsters, so it doesn’t have to be 100% scientifically accurate.


And now I’m imagining the Werewolf PC periodically urinating to mark their territory.


Huh. No wonder the Vampire is my favorite character. We’re both angsty lonely teenagers!