Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! [Rewrite in Progress]



Well… Brandon and Beatrice are new characters, so I can’t say much at this point. I’m still developing them. They are two different characters, you select one of them, but they’re not exactly a gender-flip.

Yup, you can ride on a griffin. There are also airships and ornithopters you can ride on.

Not exactly, but there’s a reason they’re close to each other. (The setting list is in order of appearance, by the way)




One question that I have is hoow mature will it be? Is it going to be a mature story just with a nine year old protagonist or something like „8th Grade detective“? I mean who does this aim at in terms of writing level?


Hrmm, this is something I’m not very sure about. I am writing it in first person so the writing will be simple for the most part, but an older person will be more familiar with the themes and story elements since it’s not just about fairy tales. Bad things will happen. (And, hey, some fairy tales are brutal)

The characters are actually in 3rd Grade for the first book (Should be 4th, but it’s early in the year). The story wouldn’t really work if I bumped up the characters’ ages (They were originally supposed to be just 8 years old).


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I like it.


Hello guys! I’m sorry for the multiple delays, (I kept adding stuff) but I’m almost done with the coding. I still have to clean things up and test it, but it’ll be coming later (or tomorrow, depending on where you are).

This won’t include the first part of Chapter 1 since I’m going to be busy again starting tomorrow. I just really wanted to get this out.

Well, I underestimated that. It was a lot more work than expected.

Anyway, the Demo is finally out! :tada: You can find it in the first post. (I also updated Roselyna’s picture, btw. Heehee.)

Please read before scrolling up:

  • Please don’t peek at the codefor now. It is very messy right now and there are also lots of spoilers.

  • Each story genre separates into two main branches (so there are 10 total). The mystery story branches late though, so there are no differences.

  • The demo does not include the first part of Chapter 1 like I wanted to do. I’ll update a few more times this week to add some more features that I missed.

  • Hopefully there are no errors, but I don’t know if there are any embarrassing stray *comments or continuity issues, so please let me know! Here’s a cookie. :cookie: (I’d also really appreciate feedback)


I played the robot uprising branch and it’s adorable! :hugs:

the Exodus Virus came from.

Maybe repeat the entire sentence here, since it’s sort of odd to have a paragraph begin mid-sentence.


Sees Wayne’s diary entry secrets
Not again
roof breaks open

Ps loved the demo, keep up the great work


@justme Thanks! Have you read the others too?

And ooh, nice catch. The paragraphs are variables actually so it’s easy to miss things like that.

@Natman1025 Oh :roll_eyes: you silly goose. But you still don’t know which of those are true or fake :wink:

Yay! I’ve updated the fairytale branch so it should be much easier to read now. You can now also take a peek at some of the character pages via the Party Screen. :tada:

So… what stories did you read?

  • (Fairy Tale) Big Family
  • (Fairy Tale) Childless Couple
  • (Fantasy) Magic School
  • (Fantasy) Kingdom Invasion
  • (Sci-Fi) Children Colony
  • (Sci-Fi) Robot Uprising
  • (Action) Secret Agent
  • (Action) Gamers
  • (Mystery) It doesn’t branch until later

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What stats screen format do you prefer?

  • RPG Mode
  • Diary Format
  • No Preference

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I went with the science fiction route just because of the Star Wars reference lol


Bookmarking this. The premise is interesting, the way the story is presented feels very personal and unique, and overall I want to hear more of this game

Also, I actually have a twin :wink:


Helloooo. :tada:

I’ll be updating again later or tomorrow, but after this I won’t be able to write much anymore because I’ll be busy with school very soon.

The update will include the beginning of chapter 1, missing features like the stats and translations, as well as a few more fixes.

@UnknownWarrior Thanks! I’m glad you feel that way, since one of my aims is to make the story feel personal.

But the main reason I posted:

What do you guys think about the title? I was told that adding the “Nine-Year-Old” part makes it more interesting but it’s also making the title too long. I’m also thinking that some people might not check it out at all because of the implication that it’s for children only.

So, what do you think is the most interesting?

  • Keep the title for now.
  • “The Inter-literary Adventurers”
  • “The Inter-literary Adventurers: Insert Subtitle Here:”
  • Think of another title.

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Of course the subtitle isn’t “Insert Subtitle Here”. I just haven’t thought of one yet. I’m really bad at titles.

Oh, and if you haven’t voted on the other polls above, please do so! I’d really appreciate it. :blush:

Edit: Ugh, sorry, but I think I’m going to have to delay the update later this week. It’s not going very well for me.


The Kingdom of High Rule…
I love this pun


:confetti_ball: Well, it’s about time. :tada:

Hi again! So I’ve finally completed the prologue and started Chapter One.

So I guess I’m keeping the title for now, but I still probably need to change it to something shorter later.

Here’s the changelog:

~Completed the prologue and fixed more things.
~Stats and notifications are now coded.
~Added a choice to select your locket’s gem.
~Added background transition to certain events.

~Added beginning of Chapter One.
~First musical scene and quest!
~You can now gain your first passives!
~You can now select your character and your twin’s gender. (No name selection yet)
~Roselyna is even more chubbier.

Some other things you might care about:

  • Start a new game, any previous saves are broken now.
  • Due to lack of time I haven’t coded the translations/subtitles yet. I’ll update again later this week.
  • Notifications look messy right now, and it’s going to take some time to properly implement proper line breaks. Each stat gain is in a subroutine so that’s why the game seems to load randomly.
  • The musical scene is also messy right now, I’ll have to restructure it a little to fit the tune, but you can’t hear it anyway, so :man_shrugging:
  • Wayne, Roselyna, Michael, and Lily’s introduction! You might want to turn off the page-sliding animation when you reach this part (the settings button, not the game settings in the stats screen).
  • I’ve updated Michael’s reference pic. Oh, and he doesn’t wear glasses anymore.
  • I’ve also added some new characters in the first post including three confirmed minor ROs (I’m not yet sure how many there will be), go check them out if you want.


Just found this - and I love it so far. :blush:

Got stuck at picking names, though. When I choose one for the girl, the boy selection vanishes, and the other way around. So, it kept telling me to pick a name. :thinking:

Can’t wait for subtitles, I want to know all those words. :slight_smile:


@Taylor_Enean Does refreshing work? I think it’s a loading error. I’ve had it happen a few times but it fixes itself somehow.

And thanks! :blush:


This is nice; it’s innocent, but knowing, and a lot of fun. :smile: Unfortunately, I hit a bug when I told my uncle about writing in my diary, and I got sent right back to the start… :confused: (I had chosen the fantasy genre, in case it’s relevant.)


Thanks for the bug report! I’ll fix it in a bit, but meanwhile you can try reading the other branches if you want to read the rest. :slight_smile:


This is very cute! Are they actually being transported to this world? Or is it just a story thing? I’m not sure which I’d prefer. :sweat_smile:


i can’t believe that i just read this know and i love that there is Filipino peppered everywhere! it makes me happy to be closer to my roots again.

edit: i keep on running into a bug whenever i’m trying to go back to my character page after i decided on which of Paddy’s stories are we going to continue.