Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! [Rewrite in Progress]

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not cool, cousin patrick. you act like you can’t visit them :sweat_smile: that aside, it’s quite interesting and I look forward to read this story


I’m interested in this


Nine year old is quite young, but hey, sounds fun. I’m interested :smiley:


This sounds amazing!

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It says your twin will be your opposite gender but what if you’re nonbinary?

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Sounds good I’m keeping a look for the demo

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Well, I didn’t include the part where their parents are working on another country, and they were planning on bringing them along.

I was planning on making them eight but I guess that’s a bit too young. :smiley: I don’t see any WIPs currently that are entirely focused about children. There are quite a few ones where you can play as one but they’re only at the beginning and then I’m like, “Why do I grow up so fast?” :cry: They’re like the cutest scenes.

@Ant_Merf @GamerDude @Harley_Robin_Evans Thanks for the interest! :hugs:

It’s opposite sex, so not necessarily gender. But I’m not sure, is it fine to have you choose what your birth gender is? I think I can better explain when I show the context of the choice, but it will be implied only.

Does anyone have questions? I’m eager to answer them!

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we live in the age of technology, cousin patrick. also planes exist.

Hahaha. But aren’t planes a little too expensive for a visit? And he can’t just start living with them too. Plus it’s just not the same, you know? They’re a huggy bunch. He’s a single child who wanted to have siblings and now he’s worried they’ll end up being distant to him like what happened to their parents.

but causing plot twist and endangering the children is a bit too much, isn’t it? when there are other less dangerous measures that could be done (them visiting him or he visit them, facetime, skype…)
if he wants to have siblings he could…like…ask his own parents…

He didn’t know a plot hole would occur in the first place, or that he even created one. Why that happens is… Oh, I shouldn’t give spoilers away this early. :stuck_out_tongue:

His parents are too old for that and don’t want another especially when the twins started living with them.

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This sounds absolutely adorable!

Are the twins’ names locked to Wayne and Roselyna?

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Nope! They’re actually major characters. You’ll get to play as their friends/classmates.

Anyway, I want to ask people, how do you view puppy love/crushes? How much can you tolerate without it getting too uncomfortable? What do you think about kissing on the cheeks? On the lips? How about pretend weddings? I’m thinking there’d be quite a few kisses on the cheeks (you can already do that with your twin) and maybe on the lips (at the end/depends on the character), but that’s about it. Nothing too :smirk: if you know what I mean.


Wait, so what does that mean? Our PCs are supporting characters? :thinking:

I personally think it’s cute, but it really depends on the age of the people involved. If they’re nine, then cheeks are fine, lips are :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, and pretend weddings are a mix of :joy: + :innocent: + :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


No, the PCs take the place of Wayne and Roselyna. They’re mostly still the same characters, but they have different roles now. So what happens to them in the novel now happens to your characters.

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i agree with @violet but have mixed feelings about pretend weddings

I think it would be fine to leave the pretend wedding as a choice if I ever decide to include it (I probably will).

Since I’m getting questions about how customizable are the PCs…

Let’s see… you can rename them, choose your appearance (stuff like hair, clothes, height and body shape), and the twin dynamics (who’s the older one, more dominant, talkative, emotional, whether you are competitive/supportive with each other, and even a secret twin language).

The twin has more limited appearance options (they’re more generalized instead of specific), and have a mostly set personality. I tried giving the option of setting their personality too but that’s TOO many variables when you already have lots of personality stats.

I like customization. :smile:


if that ain’t me

Thanks @Franzinyte ! I’m excited for the demo!

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Oh man, I loved this so much I had to make an account just to tell you! I think it was the twin thing and customization that drew me in :smiley: I love customization! Really curious how this will turn out (and super excited once I noticed you had three books planned lol)

I think crushes are cute! As long as they don’t start waxing poetic about how much they love someone. They are only nine lol. Obviously it depends on the kid’s personality, but around that age you’ll still get the “we’ll get married when we’re older” and “we’ll always be together” stuff, but it’s neither infantile like preschool/Kindergarten age nor on the level of maturity of middle school age. It’s meaningful but not the same sort of “meaningful” as an adult or older teenager would describe it. Hope that makes a bit of sense? I was kinda precocious though, so someone else might have a different viewpoint.

Cheek kisses are perfectly fine. To be honest, back when I was eight/nine I had a pair of classmates who had been dating since second grade. They kissed on the mouth sometimes, but it was just like a quick peck. Super innocent. I don’t really mind something like that, especially with pretend weddings (just don’t be like little four-year-old me and try to kiss Mommy like you saw Daddy doing, yikes!). Maybe hugs and hand holding, too? I distinctly remember that all of the couples in my elementary school would hold hands more than anything else.

Welp, that was long. It’s fun to think about how you felt when you were younger though! Anyway, best of luck with the demo! I’m super excited for it!