Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! [Rewrite in Progress]



Thanks! I really appreciate it. :blush:

I actually have a character who likes writing poems :sweat_smile: There’s also a mini-sidequest where you can write your own poem (which isn’t romantic necessarily).

And yes, the kisses would mostly be quick pecks. Nothing elaborate. :smile: I figured people wouldn’t mind the hugging and hand-holding as much as the kissing, so I didn’t mention it.


What about aromantics? Would we have the choice to just skip the part of romance?


Yes, the romance part is absolutely not necessary. Each character has either a romantic or platonic route to complete their own sidequests, so no worries!


So while I’m busy with Chapter One, I want to ask for your opinions regarding stat names. I’m still playing around with it, so this isn’t final. So here’s a sneak peek of the stats screen:

Sneak peek #1

Sneak peek #2

(All values start at 50)

What do you think of the stat names? I want to name the attributes STR, AGI and INT since it gives a better RPG feel, but it just feels weird to me to imagine a little kid with, say, 70 STRENGTH beating gremlins up with bare hands. That doesn’t really happen. I might do it though if it ends up confusing.

Do you think the opposed pairs make sense? These ones I’m not very sure about. I wanted to make them sound more “neutral” because both sides have advantages gameplay wise.

  • Assertive/Modest = Confident/Shy
  • Cooperative/Stubborn = Obedient/Disobedient
  • Supportive/Opportunistic = Helpful/Selfish

Or maybe you can think of something better.

The attributes aren’t very useful at the beginning, while the personality stats have lots of effects starting at the beginning, not just dialogues. I’m trying to make it so that maximizing personality stats isn’t always the wisest choice.

There are also items, “passives” and “status effects” that modify the final amount of your stats or change how much you gain/lose from stat increases/decreases.


The other stat names look good to me. Instead of Cooperative/Stubborn, why not Cooperative/Firm? Sounds more neutral to me.


If I can’t be the buffest nine-year-old there is then what’s the point :rage:

The stats screen is super cute! Love the little icons. I feel like the opposing stats are pretty good, at least for now. Maybe after we are able to see how the stats affect gameplay and dialogue it will be easier to tell if a word fits? :thinking:


i think that’s very cute and 9-years-old-ish! and since they are in “fantasy world” i don’t think rpg stats are too out of place (i knew several 9 y.o who talk like that)


Hi again! Progress is going, but a bit slower than I like. I have stuff to do this weekend so I’m not going to set any dates. (Also I keep on adding stuff I don’t need to add right now. :stuck_out_tongue:)

So when should I post the demo?

  • When you complete the whole prologue.
  • When you finish the first path and then update whenever you finish another path.
  • When you finish the first path and then continue with Chapter One.

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The second and third options will also include the first part of Chapter One up until you get your first quest.

The prologue has 5 paths and it’s taking me a while because each path is a bit branchy and it has some pretty complex code (because you can read it again in your diary later, you’re writing a story after all). It’s not very long, and it doesn’t include the customization yet.


i prefer completing the prologue before move on to the next part (the paths) because i want to compare all the paths! (and usually i just stick to one path so if the writer hasn’t write that path i don’t bother playing ._.)

out of topic but i see your picture is waddles and you’re writing a story about twins :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I was wondering when people would notice that :blush:

Actually I had the idea for the story long before Gravity Falls, and it went through lots of revisions. I saw GF before, but completely forgot about it until someone pointed out to me that it has a lot of similar elements to my story. And then I watched all of it.

So I guess I’m drawing some inspiration from it now. It has totally the kind of vibes I’m going for the story.



I finished the first branch, although the prologue might be delayed since I decided to switch the POV to first person and I’m not in a hurry to finish it quickly. I’m still going to show both versions to see what you guys think.

Anyway, it is Wayne and Roselyna’s birthday today so here’s a sneak peek of their character page, which can be accessed on the party members screen. :smile: (Wayne’s birthday is on the 29th, but he celebrates with her on non-leap years)

Sneak peek #3

Sneak peek #4

The stats, passives, and bio will change as a result of your choices and affect how they act towards others and possibly the endings as well. The stats screen changes a lot in general so check it often to see any changes! (I spent a lot of time in it so I hope you do :sweat_smile:)

Wayne and Roselyna are 2 of the 5 Main ROs currently. (Two male, two female, and one where you choose their gender. There might be more, but I’m not sure). And by main RO, I mean they’ll appear in most of the story. There are other “minor” possible crushes too throughout the story, but due to the nature of the story they’ll only appear for a few chapters. Although they might appear again in the sequels.

Part of the changes I did was to make W&R not twins anymore. They were also originally gender-locked but I managed to convince them… but it will be a bit harder to “romance” them that way. I hope that’s an okay compromise.


Isn’t two a bit young for a RO? :sweat_smile:


He’s referring to the fact that he has only had two birthdays before (he was born on a leap day) :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, that explains it. :laughing:


When you say “gender-locked”, do you mean that they have romantic preferences? :confused: (Because gender-locked means “always male/female/non-binary”, so I’m assuming they were always that.) In that case, I do hope that the other pair have the opposite preferences, because it wouldn’t really be fair otherwise.

I should note that I don’t think that 9 is too young to be feeling… feelings. I was certainly attracted to other boys by then, although far too nervous to ever do anything about it (and society wasn’t exactly as progressive as it is now :disappointed_relieved:).


Oops. Yes, I mean romantic preferences. Sorry I wasn’t very clear. They’re both straight in the novel, but I’ve managed to convince them to be more open-minded here and not have any preferences. So no worries there!

They’ll be a bit confused at first, just to make it a bit more realistic for them. But otherwise it’ll progress normally after no matter what your gender is.

It won’t be an issue for everyone else. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, as I said, I’d kinda prefer it if the other two had opposite preferences… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I guess if it’s only a bit of dialogue (and not, say, making it much easier for a female MC to romance Wayne) then it’s probably okay.


I was actually considering making them have opposite preferences, it’s just that 5 already felt limiting to me.

And hmm, I was considering having different requirements for them, but I guess I can work it out with some dialogue and keep the requirements the same. :slightly_smiling_face:


the passive stats reminds me of the sims, heh :smile: seeing them, i feel old and awkward (romancing 9 y.o! feels wrong)


That’s why I think changing it to first person would feel better. So it would read like it’s from the POV of a 9 year old and not “you”. :grin: