Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! [Rewrite in Progress]



hmm…i’m thinking first person pov would make me even more immersed in the story. we’ll see.


Surely if they just have preferences like Wayne and Roselyna, then it wouldn’t really be limiting it… :confused: (I mean, especially if you’re going to have different requirements…)

Yeah; hopefully it won’t get too creepy… :grimacing: I mean, a lot of (non-interactive) stories do have children that age crushing on one another without being creepy, but the fact that it’s IF probably won’t help. :thinking:


I’ll cross the bridge when I get there. It won’t be much of a hassle anyway if I decide to make them have set preferences.

I have roleplayed with them before so I have experience with making it a bit too creepy. :joy: I can always tone it down if people find it, well, creepy. But some people would probably take issue anyway.


Maybe keep it creepy at first, then go back and let players choose whether or not they want creepy.


Get a creepy-switch on the stats screen :laughing:


Are you guys serious?

How old are you?
	#I'm actually nine.
	#I'm older than nine.
	#I'm an adult. Or at least I think like one.

Hahaha. :rofl:

Nah, I probably won’t. Probably.

Edit: Anyway, I’ll post the other RO pair’s stats screen when I’m almost done with the prologue. They’ll be the four main characters in the story besides you and your sibling.


Hold up, I see “lolo” and “lola”. What race are W + R canonically?


Wayne and Roselyna are Filipinos. The “normal world” takes place in a fictional part of the Philippines, like in my novel. But you will also be able to choose from 4 different backgrounds.

Technically, the PC is a Filipino too, but I don’t mention that explicitly, so it’s not really “canon”.

I was thinking of changing the setting to somewhere else, but I don’t want it to feel bland or vague. I feel like it would be unique and more faithful to the original story this way, since it’s what I’m most familiar with. Don’t worry, I’ll keep using Tagalog to a minimum, and within context.

By the way, a quick update:

It’s almost my finals so I haven’t done much, but I’ve finished coding the first branch and it’s working smoothly so far. So, hopefully I’ll be done before the end of March. I’m a pretty slow writer and I always get distracted adding in random stuff. :blush:

Sneak Peek #5

Writing branching mini short stories is hard.

The story inside your diary updates just before the player goes to sleep, at the end of the chapter. So in the epilogue, you can read the whole story which will detail most of the major choices you have made. And yup, this is relevant to the plot.


I love this even more! I’m Filipino too, so I think :philippines: having representation is absolutely fantastic :smile: .

I don’t think it would be too bad to add Tagalog phrases wherever you want, as long as there’s an English translation in italics/parentheses. I think it would be fun.


Hello again! Sorry for the long delay, but I’m finally free from school (well, temporarily) so I should be able to start writing full time now.

Anyway, I’ve added a toggle to the stats screen to view it in either RPG mode or in Diary Format, for those who find the bars distracting or if you prefer reading descriptions instead of percentages.

I’m not sure if I’m going to add descriptions for the relationships/stats for your party members, because that seems too much and depends on too many variables. But your own personality stats will definitely have descriptions.

I’ve updated Wayne and Roselyna’s character pages in the post above for comparison.

More sneak peeks, because why not. The other two main characters:

Sneak Peek #6

The personality stat “levels” are basically the opposing stat checks. The max level is 8 both ways.

Sneak Peek #7

Michael and Lily are way less developed than Wayne and Roselyna, and I’m also thinking of changing their appearance/stats based on the background you choose, so things aren’t final.

I hope this is my final update before the demo! (I just really need the motivation to write right now. :persevere:)


all these children are precious and i want to protect them


Hmm, surely I won’t ever think of hurting or killing them, right? :thinking: :smirk:




You said you would add translations for parts not in English right? I always want to know what everyone is saying even if what they say is not important or relevant to the story whatsoever :sweat_smile:


I just gave the introduction a read and I’ll tell you this. You completely got my attention! I’m looking forward to reading the story eventually.


So what are some of the classes and traits you were thinking about?


@Morphine Yep, I’ll definitely add subtitles. :stuck_out_tongue:

@MichaelCrank Hehe. Thanks! Are you a fellow child at heart? :blush:

@Natman1025 Do you mean for the player? There’s like 40~ or so “classes” so that’s too many to list here. The only reason I have so many is that they don’t really have a big effect outside customization and flavor text.

It’s likely that I’ll reduce that number so I can better expand on them since I was thinking of giving class-specific sidequests.

What do you mean by traits? If you mean “passives”, I don’t really have a list of them. But the majority of those would probably be stat modifiers that either give flat bonuses or increases stat gains. The other ones would be flags for things that your character likes :chocolate_bar: or is afraid of. :spider: Quite a few items have special effects too, some as quest rewards. :ring:


Hi again!

Wayne and Roselyna wanted me to post a fake link or announce that the story is canceled during April 1st buuut nope. Last time they pranked someone it wasn’t… pretty.

Anyway, I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I got distracted for a few days, and I wasn’t able to write as much. I just finished writing the 4th story (7th and 8th branch), so in a couple of days I’ll be able to finish the 5th one if I don’t get distracted again, then another day or so for coding, then the prologue will finally be done.

I also figured out a few more things about my plot that’s troubling me, so yay! Lesson learned though, I won’t be creating that many branches again.

So as a consolation, I’ll be updating the first post with my reference pictures for the four main characters, and some information about the settings in my story that aren’t too spoilery. I’ll post it after I’ve finished writing the last branch, so you have something to look at :eyes: while you’re waiting for me to finish coding.


Hi! I have some business to attend to, and I forgot that I’m also planning to write a bit of Chapter 1, so… yeah. But I promise it’s coming.

So as I said in my previous post, I’ve updated the first post with character and setting information. I don’t want to include each character there (it will be too long) and I don’t know how much I want to reveal about the settings without getting too spoilery. I’ll update it again once I finish the prologue.

Buuut if you have any questions, I’m willing to discuss them here. I don’t promise to answer everything, but I’ll answer them as long as they don’t get too spoilery.

Oh, and yeah, here are my reference pictures for the main characters:


Check out the first post!


hello i adore roselyna thanks


question: can we fly with the birds? important

also i’m thinking waterworld realm is just right above underwater kingdom