Memento Mori - Survival/Psychological Horror WIP

I’m proud to present the game I’ve been working on for almost two years now: Memento Mori.

I plan for this game to be seven chapters long, and hopefully finished by September. So far, five chapters have been completed and all are playable in this demo, so grab a snack and pull up a chair if you intend on playing through all of it - it could be a while.

About the game:

You wake up in a hospital, alone and frightened, unable to remember how you got there. The desolate hospital is eerily silent, and unsettling. You set around to look for clues as to how you got here and how to leave, in the process learning some unnerving secrets … As you play the game, you will uncover more about the hospital and its mysterious past, as well as confront enemies and search for a mystery man in your quest to return home.

There is very little character customisation in the game, and I plan on keeping it this way. All you can choose is a name and a gender. Appearance is left to the imagination; there’s no romance (it would kill the mood), so no orientation required either. On the other hand, Memento Mori follows the model of the Deus Ex video games in attempting to give the player multiple ways to tackle situations, and giving them open environments to look through. I believe in giving players a different experience by allowing them to make decisions in the game that alter the plot, rather than by adjusting stats and skills that change what actions you take. In short: you affect the plot directly instead of having your stats decide the plot for you.

Also: note that some achievements are unachievable right now. They will be unlockable in the final release, but right now they can’t be unlocked. The achievements in question are: Shock Therapy, Secret Keeper, Angel of Mercy, Angel of Death, and two hidden achievements for 5 points each.


  • Save system
  • Intuition based combat system
  • Achievement support
  • Inventory keeps track of items
  • Explore the world to find secrets
  • Lore is everywhere, waiting to be discovered

Click to play


Psychological horror/survival, no romance, vaguely inspired by Deus Ex, and lore galore? Consider my interests piqued. I’ll be playing this later.

I have trouble unlocking the padlock and grille.

Whoops, I fixed it.

BTW, what do you think about the time between checkpoints? Is it fine? Or should I add more checkpoints?

You should definitely add more checkpoints, one single mistake can undo everything.

Love the game so far! I can’t go into too much detail at the moment, but I’ll write more later :slight_smile: Just wanted to point out that the padlock and grill issue is still present if you do not take the time to straighten the painting.

I on the other hand am bit annoyed by the constant checkpoint pop ups. I think they should be one before possibility of dying, but not after every little things.

Other then that, I like the game, not bad. I like that our character feels something after killing someone. Horror and psychological struggles are my favorite. But after meeting two “monsters” with weapons, we still don’t take them, is a bit odd.

For now, I’m stuck with the window and colored buttons. Hm…

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@alliebee: The padlock and grill issue … I’ve no idea what’s up with that. I’ll look into it. Glad you like it!

@dreamdragonhatchling: Think of it this way: your priority is not to fight back. Your priority is to run. Weapons would slow you down, and you might not even know how to use them. And the enemies are far, far more powerful than you. You need to be smart, not aggressive, to beat them.

I’ll wait for some more opinions on the checkpoints.

Hm in that case, If you say it like that, If i were in a creepy hospital, with monsters, I would stay in one room, barricade the door and wait for someone… and leave only after a day or two, when I lost all hope of rescue coming, not keep wondering around, knowing that they might be more bigger, badder monsters. I think that first priority for human is find a safe place and hide, not run not knowing nothing into the “fire”. If MC doesn’t do that, then that means he/she is naturally calculative and brave - figuring out that, staying in one place isn’t the best option (only someone taken by fear, coward would do that), that means he/she would just in case keeps something close at hand to use as a weapon, even if it more used as a psychological buster to feel safer. But those are just my thoughts. :stuck_out_tongue:

This sounds great! I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

You might want to change the title;

The begging reminds me of midnight nowhere. So fair I am liking the game… :yum:

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Considering its origins it shouldn’t be a protected title, though it wouldn’t exactly be unprecedented for it to be one anyway.

I’ve been considering other names, but for now I’m happy with what I’ve got.

I was talking to the taker and he asked my plan and i said man of many secrets remember. Then it crashed

@Boman19 and everyone else who’s having trouble: it would really help if you could post the error messages that you get.

EDIT: fixed it, and I found an unintended bug in Chapter 4, in the graveyard escape. It’s possible to get save-locked into an unwinnable situation (where you will die while jumping the fence if your stamina isn’t high enough). To prevent getting into this situation in the first place, don’t head to the graveyard immediately after finding the twisted tree trunk - follow one of the other options OR wait at the tree trunk for a bit before going to the graveyard. If, unfortunately, you’ve already reached the checkpoint at the graveyard and you keep dying while jumping the fence (i.e. failing the stamina check), the only way around this is to choose to restart the chapter on your death.

This game sounds interesting but I won’t be able to play it for another 8 or 9 hours anyway so yeah it sounds great though, and I’ll give you my full review in about a week that will include grammar mistakes along with bad word usage and punctuation errors plus my ideas on the game. I’ll probably so just one chapter, and go over it multiple times before I post my review. That’s what I’ll do with each one so expect a chapter a week. Also is this your first interactive novel? I’ll start next week.

Yup, this is my first :slight_smile:
Looking forward to your reviews!

Well I have been playing through it for a bit. You nailed the atmosphere. I feel really creeped out when I play it. Kinda reminds me of the old, good Silent Hills. Keep up the work!

Oh yeah I also forgot attitude and atmosphere as well as writing style I’ll be going thru every piece of the game and I mean all of it good luck.