Mecha Ace: Heroes of the Vedrian War - BETA TEST

"It is the dawn of the fifth century of the Interstellar Era. Humanity, having long since escaped its home system, has spread throughout the galaxy.

Driven by the increasing tyranny of Old Terra, the outer colonies have launched a war of independence against the core worlds. It is a war to the knife; a desperate campaign of deep space battles, long sieges and planetary bombardments, a war fought with ‘combat armatures’; giant piloted humanoid machines, which clash in the battlefields and skies of the outer colonies.

It has been five years since the war started. The conflict between Earth and her rebellious colonies have consumed billions of lives.

There is no end in sight."

This is my new project:
The player is an elite combat armature pilot fighting for the freedom of the Coalition of Democratic Extrasolar Colonies (CoDEC) from the Earth-based government of the Empire of Humanity Ascendant. As the senior pilot onboard the CoDEC warship Caliburn, the player character will fight through what may be the final battles of the Terran Civil War. His -or her- decisions will determine the fate of their comrades, their friends, and ultimately, the outcome of the war.

My main inspirations include western military sci-fi like Battletech and Starship Troopers, as well as Japanese “real robot” mecha anime like Full Metal Panic!, SDF Macross, and above all, Mobile Suit Gundam.

Now, what I’m looking for:

I need about half a dozen motivated beta-readers with time on their hands, the courage to offer truthful feedback and the discretion required to maintain secrecy regarding the particulars of the characters and plot. This first beta test will cover the first act (out of four) of the story. I will be trying to retain the same set of beta testers through the whole process, but I’ll probably expand the pool of testers as work continues.

If you want to participate in the beta test, then feel free to reply in this thread. The beta itself and all discussion regarding criticism will be conducted via PM.


I like the concept and would like to participate in the beta-test.

How often would you expect criticism and comments regarding Mecha Ace: Heroes of the Vedrian War? From me, you can expect substantial feedback once a week.

My side of it would be gaining the experience to properly criticise and analyse choicescript games in order to gain the skills to apply those to my own work therefore - I am being selfish.

If that’s not an issue then I would be happy to beta-test.

Good luck with your new project. I’m glad to see there will be female characters.

Im deefinitly in!! Any game by cataphrack has to be a winner!

@Cataphrak Creating a coherent, detailed setting was a strong point of yours in SoI, so I’m curious: What accounts have you given for the technological side of this? I’m asking mainly with regards to that old chestnut of sci-fi, faster-than-light travel.

I would very much like to participate in the beta testing for this it sounds brilliant

I’d like to help with the beta testing, if e have me. I like the plot and setting.

I’d like to help with this project.

I’ve been lurking the last few years, and greatly enjoyed your previous project. Sci-fi (Especially Mil Sci-fi) is relevant to my interests. I’d like to place my experience as a spacebattler at your service

Furious robot action in choice script? Ah…

I’d like to help with this project. If you need another pair of eyes.

I love concept and I love give feedback so count me in . I hope there will place to treasons charisma and spionage

I would like to beta test


Permission to be a beta tester as well, @Cataphrak ?

I would love to beta test for you

I would love to beta test it

I’d love to beta test!

I would like to beta test, if that’s still possible…

If you wouldn’t mind another I’d like to test to

Alright, that’s a bit more than I expected. This should be enough for this test. I’ll do some last-minute proofreading and send out the beta link.

Without giving anything away, I’m done my hardest to limit all the hypertech to a single blatant violation of the laws of physics.

Also, @Drazen, @FairyGodfeather, do you guys want in too?

Darn too late posting to join for the next beta test later on