Mayhem of the Phantom Crown [WIP]

My name is Ishimaru Soujiro.
And I am dead.

Mayhem of the Phantom Crown is a Work In Progress Choice of Games that revolves around the High School life of Ishimaru Soujiro, a boy beginning his first year as a sophomore. Little does he know, the real world is much darker than it seems.

Experience touching moments and epic battles as you protect yourself and your loved ones from the evil Akuma that threaten the balance of the world!

Special Mechanics:
While this will be considered a 2nd person “Choose Your Own Adventure!” type of story, you will not be directly in the eyes of Ishimaru Soujiro, rather, you are the person deciding the actions of Ishimaru, dictating the next action in his life without being directly in his mind.
Due to the type of game play this will be centered around, there will not be much customization involving your character, but the skills, magic, and combat you learn will be entirely up to you.

Will you be good or evil? Will you find love? Get revenge? Solve mysteries? Save innocent lives? Defeat the Phantom Lord? Take back the Phantom Crown?

That is your decision.

The world is infested with demons known as Akuma, ruthless beings that survive off the souls and essence of human beings. They live in another dimension known as Phaltrac, and create bubbles that seal off space and time so they may feed upon the living.

Memories of any human killed by these Akuma are deleted from this world. No one knows they were even there in the first place. Opposing the Akuma are the Sentinels, humans possessing the ability to bend their own being to their will, simply put, using their own soul as a weapon to fight off Akuma.

If a Sentinel uses too much of his or her energy, they can be drained and vanish from existence like a human drained by a Akuma. To prevent this, all Sentinels have the ability to recharge their being by binding with an Elder.

Elders are like Akuma, but in a different sense. They are immortal beings created by the will of dead Sentinels. They have the ability to become one with them and train them in the art of war. By each other’s side, Sentinels and Elders have kept the Earth safe from Akuma for many generations.

But now, the Earth is unraveling, the balance upset. The Phantom Lord has been reborn from the ashes, and he is waging a war on all life on Earth.

Ishimaru Soujiro, an seemingly ordinary human, has been introduced to this world after dying to an Akuma. His body has no remembrance of the day he died, that part etched out of even his own memory. The reason he still lives and possesses a soul is unknown, when an Akuma attempts to kill him, he lives, or dies, after the Akuma is unable to absorb him, and he is saved by a Sentinel named Meredith and her partner, Hikaru, who have been conveniently stationed in Japan.

o Text-based combat like the kind seen in “Dark Shogun Online”.
o Different stories! Play as a different character other than Ishimari Soujiro! (Still being decided)
o No “death”. By this I mean if you die in the game, the story line will progress, but you will have lost the battle. You don’t restart from the beginning of the chapter when you die.
o Accessories, rings, necklaces, and earrings that grant you extra abilities in battle!
o Game Art! Original art made specifically for the game!
…and more!

Play Testing:
Play testing will be available as soon as I can get a working demo out. As for my other WIP, “Dark Shogun Online”, that has not been cancelled, but has been put on hold. More updates to the demo will be released soon.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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@Mystogan Riddle me intrigued. From the sound of it, it’ll definitely stand out.

Now hurry up and get a demo out! :slight_smile:

I’ve released a bit of a preview on the story as to explain what it might be about. I’ll put out a demo ASAP.

@Mystogan I was kidding. Take your time.

The concept sounds interesting :slight_smile: I think you meant it will be in third person, though. Second person is ‘you’

This sound awesome can’t wait for the demo

Thank you, and it will actually be in second person, you will be a character in the game, but you will be the “player”, not Ishimaru.

Thank you too, and I’ll release the demo after I finish adding in all the choices, which should be soon.

I got a short demo working that sets up the story. You can find it here.