May 2021's Writer's Support Thread

My cowriter for a game started years ago and I took the time today to tear apart everything we had previously worked on and recreate the game from the ground up. It’s going to tentatively be called Crown of Poppies. It’s a romantic thriller. The text-based/choicescript version of the game will most likely be totally free, but we’re going to redo everything in Ren’py eventually, which is…even more work for me :sweat_smile:

A lot of plot holes that used to exist now no longer do, and I’m working on getting the basic coding framework worked up as well as the prologue somewhat worked up. I’m simultaneously excited to be back on this project and overwhelmed by the amount of work necessary to get it where we want it to be. This isn’t something that’s going to be finished any time soon - probably not even this year, honestly.

That said, my personal goal for this month is to have at least 15,000 words of prose written for my portion of the game and to begin coding my cowriter’s portion of whatever she writes. I’ve done NaNo a lot, so even up to 30k should be doable.


  • finish framework of coding for the game (75% done)
  • write 15k of my own prose, not including code (.5% done)

Stretch goals:

  • write 30k of my own prose

Okay, last month wasn’t the most productive month for me, but that’s ok, I needed the break from writing and school was getting a bit more stressful then I would have liked.

But I have some writing feedback!!! :partying_face: before the school holidays I sent one of my BFF’s an email with a copy of my story, and today I got the feedback!!! She enjoyed making and giving me feedback, apparently she stayed up way to late (we are both in year 12) writing notes and giving me advice.

So my goals for this month: implement the feedback.


One practice I’ve been using lately is “sleeping on it” It’s something I picked up from an author interview.

If there’s something about my story that doesn’t feel right or I am stuck I set that aside (wtite something else for now). I take the story problem to bed with me thinking about it as I lie in bed drifting off to sleep.

I’ll often wake up with the answer. It doesn’t always work but it helps.


Still working on finishing the first public demo for this historical-fiction of mine, and the goal is to finish it within this month. Originally intended to upload last month, but trial and error + devouring this forum naturally led to many revisions to concepts, player-agency, choices etc.

Hopefully, there will be plenty of feedback for me to reflect on once I do upload it.

A word of appreciation for folks around here; CYOA forces the author(s) to become familiar with creative writing, basic coding via Choicescript, game studies and a vast array of subjects relevant to the stories they want to tell. Undertaking such a project is nothing to scoff about, and you all should be proud of what you do here.


I didn’t meet my goals last month, but a lot of new and major changes came up that made it much harder, so I’m not beating myself too much about it.

So anyway, I’m running some polls to try and figure out the potential hang-ups of my project. It’s not surprising that I got more votes than I’ve had responses on my survey, so I think I can analyze it now.

Summary if you're interested

I’m quite pleased to know that only about ~20% are disinterested in playing as a preteen, so now I’m a little relieved that I’m not losing a large chunk of potential readers outright. I know it’s not a large sample size, but at least it’s not alarming.

About 40% voted for “Only at the start of the story”, so the next step is to monitor how many people actually stopped reading my demo early, since from my survey, it turns out that ~60% who preferred to play as older characters didn’t mind playing as a preteen (with ~20% liking it compared to virtually 0% interested in playing as one in the thread poll). Maybe I should add a mini-survey in my thread specifically for those who end up not liking it? I’m not sure how useful that’d be.

I’m also amused at the 50% “Maybe” when it comes to preteens having crushes when in my survey over 50% chose their character to be a “romantic at heart” (NOT surprising). :smile:

I know it’s not very conclusive, but with a probably-not-surprising 40% on “I’m more likely to pass on a WIP if the title doesn’t interest me”, I’m inclined to believe that my title is probably not helping me. And I’m disappointed because Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole! is the perfect title for me. Hopefully I can find a substitute I’m happy with… at least it’ll be easy to figure out if it really is a problem.

Sorry if that was a little off-topic, but that combined with a potential new project about my WIP (not writing-related), my motivation has gone up again. I’ll be cooking up some new exciting stuff in the near future that should help the interest, but until I’m sure I won’t share any details yet. :eyes:

Anyway, good luck to everyone again!


I think you’ve been very brave to do this. I don’t think I could ever ask this question myself. The results might end up too scary to see.

Mine’s probably in danger with this, too :sweat_smile:. I don’t believe you’ve got a lame title, though. It simply makes it clear what to expect with the story, and it’s pretty unique! I will definitely check it out in the future, as soon as I can convince myself that reading a lighthearted story will not mess up with the grim headspace I need for my WIP. The fact that it’s got Filipino touches on it makes it even more intriguing.

Good luck!


Yeah, but it was really bothering me, so I figured I’d at least see if it was something actionable. I was honestly more concerned I was being too direct so I added in a bunch of other polls. :sweat_smile:

Hehe. It’s lighthearted, but I won’t lie that there’s some pretty dark stuff later on – I’m exploring all genres after all. Oh, and likewise! I’ve also got a bunch of WIPs I need to check out as soon as I’m not busy.

Actually, I’m up for some feedback exchange if anyone’s interested.



Will be up for it when I get done with this month’s goals! Might DM you when the time comes


Your title captured my interest, actually! I like it very much :blush: I took so long to come up with mine too, and still I’m uncertain if it is the best.

I’m up for it too! Once I’m less busy as well. After I finalize some writing this week and push out an update, I’ll finally have time to read…




Thank you for saying that! It’s definitely reassuring.

Making a decision for titles can always be such a dilemma :sweat_smile:


It certainly is! As is the challenge of coming up with names :sweat_smile: The number of “fantasy name generator” websites I’ve trawled is embarrasing.

On another vein - is anyone having issues with dashingdon as well? Murphy’s Law made it such that I’m having trouble loading the site, right when I want to post an update…


I guess it is because of the traffic the new wayhaven demo creates. I would try it tomorrow


Yes the site seems to be down. Just give it an hour or two :slight_smile:


My goals for this month are to create goals and share them with the thread so they feel real (hooray!) post an interest check (double hooray!), and begin work on my first WiP. I think a reasonable aim is to start writing the introduction/personalisation scenes, but I don’t know how far I’ll get since exams are next month.


Good luck Entracte, writing feels daunting but you’ll never regret doing it and it gets easier the longer you stick with it.


I’ve not updated my demo for over a month but I’ve been busy working away behind the scenes. Processing feedback, reviewing my story, rewriting, editing. I’ve decided to scratch out and rewrite a lot of scenes so it’s slow going but I’m very happy with what I’m doing and I’m enjoying my process. Working every day.

My goal is to have a big update to the demo in the next week that takes the game well into the Second act.