Making Batman Game. Second Writer Wanted

So, I’ve decided I’ve had enough. Inspired by some amazing WiPs on here, and the new TellTale game coming out, I’ve decided to make a Batman text game. It will be created at I’m talking just a short but fun and branching Dark Knight story were YOU essentially get to create your own Caped Crusader (type of suit, fighting style, brutality level, tactics, etc.), and embark on a totally awesome mini-venture to save your favorite side character (Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, or Vikki Vale). The problem is, if I can get help, I want it. I’m talking a partner. Someone to actually write the story and choices when I can’t, because, the thing is, I am very busy at times, but, I know there are fellow Batfans out there, and I want to do this! So, here’s the thing, if you didn’t know already, the game will be free, just like most others on the site, so you won’t be getting any sort of rewards or payment besides credit, and the pure joy that will come of it.

I just need someone who shares my passion for Batman. No, I don’t know how much you’ll be writing, it definitely won’t be 50/50 in terms of work. So, yeah. I’m basically asking for a substitute author. Or co-author, if you’re sensitive. (Joking). No, the entire story is not mapped out, yet. We will talk on here or wherever, you’ll be helping me, me you.

If you are interested, PM me some of dat confirmation, I’ll create an account at textadventures so we can both write, send you the login info, and we’ll get started. Thanks.

Good luck. I love Batman. Is there a new Batman Telltale coming out?

But it sounds like you’re looking for a ghostwriter or someone to do a commission project for you, for free. Maybe I wouldn’t come off so adamant about the “I’m not doing most of the work, you will be,” or did I get the ratio wrong?