MAJOR DEMO UPDATE <3 - WiP: Don't Wake Me Up (with demo)

I really enjoyed playing the demo and can’t wait until the full game comes out!

Checks stat screen.

“Your opinion on Top Hats: Neutral”

Damn, that’s an excellent first impression. I’ll get back to you later on the rest, but I’m inclined to love this game.


Haha, this seems like a really funny game/Wip, keep up the good work.
My one minor gripe is that thus far the companions get all the nice clothes and outfits (thus far), my character wanted to grab that vampire cloak himself, dammit!.
On the plus side both Len and Asterius seem cute and fun companions.


The first thing this game tells me: “You know nothing.” It won me over already.
I really, really, really enjoyed this. And it was larger than I expected it to be, which was great. Characters were fun. The comedy was great but I’m expecting you to go dark at some point. YES, WE CAN NAME OUR SWORD! Finally I get to name my weapon “Dark Sister”. Do we get a normal sword though? A rapier is too chivalrous, I’d rather a knightly sword…And dual wielding. Wherever there are swords, I’ll ask for dual wielding. I am so psyched about this WIP. Can’t wait for more.

PS: Asterius was female but appeared as male in some occasions.

A choice to name our weapon?

Immediately named my Top Hat Belmund.

Everyone shall fear Belmund the Ultimate Top Hat!

######I’m now imagining my MC slowly going insane with the combination of living in a video game world and hearing a maniacal voice in his head coming from the magical Top Hat. No wonder the Mad Hatter went mad.

Loved the line about how the void was a crappy loading area as all you could do was run around.

I was already thinking about AC before I even saw Asterius’s comment about it on the next page.


This is really fantastic, even moreso than I was expecting. The characters are hilarious, and the dialogue options that unlock as you take certain actions are perfect.

I don’t want to say too much of what I liked to avoid spoiling people who haven’t read it yet. But I’m very much looking forward to the finished version. Really great stuff so far.

*Make out with a vampire and immediately afterwards, while still lying on the ground, ask him if he poops. Yes, this is perfect. Also can’t stop laughing at how cute Asterius can be, getting them flustered by dumping rancid water all over them and their new cloak just so you can hit on them. Bless this child


Okay that’s a bad one. Thought I fixed that. It’s happened in the past. Could you please tell me what weapons/armor you had on at the time - or Asterius had - at the time? And also whether you successfully freed Queen/tried to manipulate her? I’ve tried to pick through it to check, but I can’t see the circumstance where this would happen.

@Terriermon50 I’m pretty damn sure that Len quotes that song at one point or another in the game. He is the ultimate scene trash, so of course he loves it.

@Arcania The game’s called (Don’t) Wake Me Up. With brackets. The question I want to ask with is, is if you were trapped in a perfect, fun virtual world, with everything you could ever want inside it - love, friendship, challenge, wealth, interesting locations - would you actually choose to leave it behind and wake up? It’s based off the philosophical ‘Experience Machine’ thought experiment by Robert Nozick. That’s… the game’s real theme, behind the veil of silliness and games references. Make of it what you will.

And also everyone who asked if the top hat is magical. Of course it’s bloody magical. You think I’d turn down the opportunity to have a glowing, purple top hat of power? What sane human would?

I’m so glad people like this, and I can’t wait to show people more of the game when it’s ready. I wish I could’ve shown you more of Len in the demo. Parents aren’t supposed to have favourite children, but I always seem to write more romance moments for Len than Asterius and have to go back and fix it. Oops.


Holy shit, I love this! Video games, music, anime, pop culture references, everything a fangirl/boy could dream of!

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Haven’t read much yet, (still waking up) but here are some thoughts: you have a fantastic opening, and just from reading that and the stats page, I’m interested(though I usually don’t care for parody games). FYI that is an admirable work ethic.

This wip is amazing and I feel like the biggest badass ever with the top hat I can’t wait to see more of this wip

I named my Ultimate Top Hat Hattington Hattimus, Heir to the Headwear Kingdom, Master of Dapperness and Destroyer of Evil.


I love how practically everyone who played it so far chose the top hat (and rightly so). Hattington’s the best name. Beautiful. I always name my hat Ko when I playtest (after Nagito Komaeda from sdr heh), but I should reconsider, as that is a superior top hat name.


If you provide a joke option, nearly everyone will pick it without fail.


Ngl the top hat may seem like a joke, but is actually completely OP in battle and provides a great deal of magical utility throughout the game. It is a wise choice.

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I’m confused as to why it says a god among men even if Asterius is female, wouldn’t it be a goddess among men?

Does a god have to have a gender? Surely a divine is an unknowable entity! Well we won’t bring philosophy into it. I figure I would call myself a god in a joke. I would call myself an author, not an authoress, an actor, not an actress. But it doesn’t really matter as Asterius is just joking, so I might as well change it to be gendered.

*edit I can’t write any more replies today, the site is blocking me from it. So please know that I’m still reading everything avidly and thinking of responses, and will get back to you guys as soon as the site lets me. In 9 hours (and 23 minutes Labyrinth heh I think I’m so funny but I’m not) I’ll be able to reply.


Hatty Hattington?

######Anyone here who hasn’t played Battleblock Theater needs to get off their behinds, buckle their pants, and go on an adventure with Hatty! (Go get the game.)


I love your idea, where did you get inspiration from? I love VR and video games, and can’t wait to play this! It reminds me a bit of Ready Player One, one of my favorite books!

I had the Top Hat of Awesome power :smiley: And I freed Queenie. I didn’t get an option to manipulate her sadly, and I died the first time trying to get away from her x.x


Okay, I didn’t get further than that yet because I was laughing too hard. Face-palming, too, but mostly laughing. Actually, I think I might play a quick bout of Overwatch first.

But from what I’ve seen so far, the story seems fun. There aren’t too many obscure references and you’ve managed to avoid having the video game theme become annoying - which has happened to every video game themed piece of media I have ever played.

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