Don't Wake Me Up—A night in cyberspace you'll never remember

Originally published at: Don’t Wake Me Up—A night in cyberspace you’ll never remember. - Choice of Games LLC

Hosted Games has a new game for you to play!

You’re trapped in a malfunctioning virtual reality with no memories. No memories, except of every video game you’ve ever played. Jack into a wild night in a virtual world you’ll never remember.

Don’t Wake Me Up is a 400,000-word interactive novel about love in video games, where your choices control the story. Entirely text-based, and driven by your imagination. It is written by Baudelaire Welch, a professional game screenwriter currently working as a companion character designer for RPGs.

Armed with puns, pop culture, and a sharp dose of sarcasm, can you muddle your way through levels of satirical video game pastiches, back to reality?

Adventure through virtual worlds alongside a delusional gamer, an actual emo vampire (who really wishes he wasn’t an emo vampire), a poet from outer space, and a dashing princess in shining armor, among others! And perhaps, just perhaps, learn a bit too much about the kind of person you are when the real world isn’t watching.

A satire of the trapped-in-a-video-game genre, and a tragicomedy on the theme of dating sims.

  • Play as nonbinary, male, female, straight or queer.
  • Travel through 6 worlds inspired by different video game genres
  • Wield a weaponised top hat
  • Rack your brains in a spaceship escape level inspired by old-school adventure games
  • Compete in a classical music-themed monster truck rally
  • Lose yourself in a cyberpunk casino
  • Date the Ultimate Video Game Fanservice Vampire
  • Or, date the Ultimate Video Game ‘Best Girl’ Waifu
  • A period piece honed in early 2010s internet cringe
  • Bifurcates entirely halfway through the game based on your love interest.

Sometimes true love is a wrong dialogue choice.

Don’t Wake Me Up is 40% off until February 8th!

Baudelaire developed this game using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own




I thought this was already hosted?
This was the first game of the genre I played and it HOOKED. ME. IN. Congratulations to Baudelaire for this work of art.


I’m so thrilled this is out - hugest of congratulations!


Ahhhhh! What a fantastic story, so stoked to finally own it! CONGRATS!!!


Awesome! This is a true work of love and dedication. :revolving_hearts:


Congrats on the release! This sounds like a wildly fun game. :tada:


Congratulations. I’m looking forward to find out how dark this will be and if I am going to get my heart broken.
The “night we will never remember” part sounds pretty ominous, though :thinking:.


Congratulations on the release!

Congrats on release, woo! :purple_heart:

So, the initial twist was something I expected, but the finale was quite a nice surprise. And I fell into the initial romantic trap even as I saw the net in the fringe of my eyesight, so well-played.

A meditation and meta-commentary of escapism, parasocial relationships, and how far one is willing to go for each. Novel concept and premise, thoughtful yet still fun, and yea, I did chuckle a good bit at the references. Still have a few runs to go since I did get a bad ending, and I am quite fine with that. Also, for some reason I kept hearing Len in Asterion’s voice in my head in the endgame; they do have some similar paths, huh. Maybe Asterion might have been one of his inspirations.
The only thing I got stuck on was the space-ship section; got mostly everything by myself, but seems that me never watching Bill and Ted bit me in the rear here, lol. This is a game that is one of the pinnacles of Hosted Games and I am glad to have experienced it, with all the thought-provoking ideas that it brings.

As for non-spoilers: play this game. Easily worth double the asking price and will bring you places…sometimes soul-searching ones.


Congratulations on the release

Congrats on release! Excited to see if this game makes me ugly cry again as hard as I did the first time!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for checking out my game. Nine years of on and off work went into it and it feels like a pinch myself miracle it’s out.

If you want to discuss the game further there’s a forum page for it:
Don’t Wake Me Up - A game about love in video games - FULL GAME RELEASED 01/02/24

Thank you for your support! And keep consulting those top hats.


I remember playing this about a year ago now, back when I was obsessively running through all the WIPs I could find.

It’s a pleasure to see its finally reached the point of being released! Easy purchase!

Best of luck in the future, I hope we get to see your name on another game.

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So, these new Hosted Games titles aren’t available for Android/thru the play store?

I can see Don’t Wake Me Up in the google play store in the UK, but in some regions games aren’t available as standalone apps. If you can’t find them by searching the name of the game plus “hosted games”, then you’ll want to play it through the Hosted Games app. (You can either purchase through the Hosted Games app, or purchase through the browser and then use the HG app to restore your purchase.)

Huge congratulations to the author. I never thought I’d see the finished novel.

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