New Hosted Game! The Butler Did It by Daniel J. Elliot

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Life in Port Terris is tough. There’s never quite enough to eat, nor quite enough work, and your friends have a nasty habit of being snatched up by the Constables and their bots. When the majordomo of a Great House offers you employment, a warm bed, and all the food you can eat, it’s a tempting offer. Never mind that the alternative is a long stay in the City Dungeons. It’s 40% off until November 29th!

The Butler Did It is a 300,000 word interactive novel by Daniel J. Elliot, and a finalist in the Choice of Games writing contest, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

It doesn’t take long to realize that things are a little bit off though, to say the least. At Coburg Manor, you’ll make friends, battle enemies, and uncover a mystery far deeper and stranger than you ever imagined.

• Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bisexual, or asexual
• An odyssey in steampunk, with a twist you’ll never predict
• Face foes both human and mechanical with your wits, sword, or skill with steam
• Expose a conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of your society, or choose to keep its secret
• Get to know a diverse cast of characters, and you just might find love
• Maybe end up on a spaceship?

Will you save your home from the strange apocalypse that its people don’t even suspect, or will you fall prey to madness, like so many of your friends?

Daniel J. Elliot developed this game using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and Hosted Games will publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.


Wow really excited to try this one out! Congratulations @Delliot once again!


What better way to cap off Thanksgiving, as you lay on the couch in a tryptophan coma and that one uncle you don’t know that well screams at the TV, than to read 300,000 words about robots and cake? Thanks everyone, it’s been a wild ride!


Congrats, once again @Delliot … By reading the advert above, I finally “got” your user_name.

Consider me slow :slight_smile:


Consider me equally as slow. It always read as one word, Delliot. Never realized it was D. Elliot


I had just read the Demo , i love the story and its background … definitely going to purchase it, thus far the story is face pace and intense , it seems multiple choices will lead to different outcome and scenes … in addition there were multiple option to solve a problem such as the task of espionage for our master

Well… it does has a feel of futuristic Mission Impossible where MC is a selected member of an espionage team and be given choice of gadget for the mission :slight_smile:


Update: This is now fixed!

Hey all,

A couple of players have reported a bug that happens near the end of the game.

Non-spoilery: There’s a point where you leave the City for awhile, then come back. If you’re there, go ahead and read the spoiler.

Spoilery: In the big meeting with all the other characters, where you assign missions to them. If you don’t give a mission to yourself, then the game will crash. You can avoid this by making sure you choose to send yourself to either deal with the rogue bots, help civilians, or talk to Lord Winfield.

I’ve already sent in a fix and hopefully it will be implemented soon. In the meantime, there’s a workaround in the spoiler.


Wow !!! The Butler Did It …is truly an Epic amazing interaction fiction that is totally underrated and over looked, i am totally mesmerised by the scale of the story , adventures and philosophy within it …

It start off as a small adventure of a “nobody” but slowly turn the pace and intensity up into an Epic adventure with multiple philosophy and choices to ponder, i had never thought this game / fiction could turn into such a massive scale epic adventure story…

It does have a strange sense of spiritual dedication to Choice of Robot , where the story of robots is given life in The Butler did it … and the mind blowing philosophy of what the robots are doing in the alternative Earth …

I had initially thought the story was about how a special agent MC helping a House in variety of missions or saving the world in the end… but the more into the story, it had evolved into a much complicated and touching story…

I initially also thought romance was not the main Attention or strength of the story, but oh my… to my surprise, the romantic interaction is actually a slow burn where it will further evolved further into the story … even when the romantic interaction was not apparent, the story of friendship was well written where i feel that the characters will still reside in my hearts even though there is no lovers in the end…

I haven’t completely finish it but i reach the point of confessing my love to Goose , but felt that i must write a review to compliment your work first since i think this game is massively overlook by many…

I think perhaps the title of The Butler Did it fail to truly capture the real story / imagination of this epic by most people…

The Butler Did It may as well be another hidden gem like Tin Star , where we need to read through the whole story to realise how precious the story is :slight_smile:

I wish more people will gain attention of your game … :wink:

Btw… is Addie a Romance option ? I met Addie first and all the while had good interaction with her , but i was unable to confess my feeling to her… if i confess my love to Goose, the romance with Addie is shut right ? :slight_smile:


What my dirty inquiring mind wants to know is how good are the gay male romances in this one?


Yes there’s Addie romance, my MC is with her.


There is a prince charming noble man, Linus … :slight_smile:

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Well this one was a surprise, not because I doubted Delliot writing skills but because I utterly despise steampunk as a genre. Or at least used to before reading this.

I absolutely loved the story, but that Sci-Fi twist with the Spaceship just made me lose no nut November by its own. I’m writing something similar so it was like reading my own work but many months in the future.

The characters are very likeable, you also did a great job making the main character to interact with them through the whole story since I actually felt like my decisions carried weight and that my relationships with all of them developed as the story went on.

By the way, when I met Goose I had already romanced Addie and I was like: “Fuck, Goose is more of my type and now I’m stuck with Addie”. That really rustled my jimmies, still, I loved the epilogue I got with the Empress inviting me to sail the stars with Addie, that was beautifully written.

You’re a very talented writer and I hope I get to read more of your work in the future!


You are lucky… i didn’t have chance to confess to Addie , but i had the chance to confess with Goose first

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Are there any other male ROs aside from the noble man? To be honest, I’m not far in and haven’t bought the game yet but I do like the premise.

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The colleague Dmitro is an RO :slight_smile:

I think the story’s strength is human cyborg relationship , and multiple choices solving the crisis :slight_smile:

And a side note , i choose to allow the Empress to stay and continue her ruling over humans, empress is an immortal and she watch over her subject like a caring mother , this also ensure no one faction has absolute power to harm the other faction If our real world has an Empress like her , there will be peace on earth and we won’t have to worry about war :slight_smile:

This was a really good read and all the characters are likeable! Very much worth the price!

Though, how do you romance Linus? No matter what he always ends up with Goose.


I did like the demo part, too bad this one hasn’t got a Steam or other PC release. :disappointed:

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You don’t want to buy it from CoG website? Though you have to be online to play it. =(


Can I romance goose? Great game BTW.

Yes… you will have chance to confess to her on your way back from Linus’s mine, after meeting Metro -