Don't Wake Me Up—A night in cyberspace you'll never remember

Thank you so much! I didn’t either. But it is important to me never to abandon a project I put my heart into once!


OMG, it’s an amazing game, I’m hooked, was literally howling with laughter at some moments. Unlocked five endings so far, and I know I am missing at least one! It’s driving me insane as I don’t know which one I am missing and how to get there. But other than that, great work, I loved it so much! And very poignant, especially in the modern times.

Now I’ll have to play again. I can’t give up on finding that ending. Assuming there is only one I am missing, there might be more. Wait, are there more? HOW MANY ARE THERE?!!

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THANKS!!! Ok, so I was missing two, as I never managed to get Orion’s and Asterius’ relationship bad enough, I guess. Also, not sure if I got a bug or something, but when I went with a pterodactyl lady, and then returned to the love hotel, it completely skipped over the “Sex#2” scene, as in literally “ok, you returned, Len was already sleeping, so you went to sleep” and then to the “morning after” slide. And then in the epilogue he started yelling about having sex with a corpse, and I was like “WHEEEEEEN? Is my memory problem even worse than I thought?” So yeah, no straying off the prescribed romance path to explore side locations, I guess.

Congrats @Baudelaire_Welch on being part of the Baldur’s Gate 3 team who won 2024’s Nebula Award in Game Writing!

We are all proud of you! :revolving_hearts: