MAJOR DEMO UPDATE <3 - WiP: Don't Wake Me Up (with demo)

I really liked this! I think what you have so far is good, keep up the great work!


Of all the WIPs I’ve seen here this is the only one I’ve constantly looked out for. I hope you know that there’s a lot of us who really enjoy your work, and love to hear about the huge amount of progress you’re making and the passion you have for it!


This honestly made me tear up a little - hearing back from people who cared years ago and still care now is so sweet!
DWMU is going great, it is now (in one shorter route on the Asterius branch) playable from beginning to end! Hope to ask for some beta testers soon!
It’s always difficult in the genre of longform satire to make the transition and balance between genuine plot and investment and comedy, and so I’ve been finding it quite challenging to balance a tone escalating in seriousness with a gradation, rather than simply switching from, say, writing in the genre of predominantly satire/comedy to writing straight science fiction cyberpunk. However, it’s a good point to be at knowing it’s getting towards that challenge knowing it means DWMU is coming ever closer to being done.


I would love to beta test for this game when it is ready! I’ve fallen in love with the characters, and every interaction captures my attention. Can’t wait to see where this story ends up!

I can’t believe i’ve that I’ve fallen in love with a top hat, but your writing is so good that I’m surprised you’re not a published author! I loved all the characters and interactions, I’m obsessed with this now! (≧◡≦) :heart:

I genuinely never stopped thinking about DWMU and I can’t overstate how happy I am that it’s back

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