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This was amazing… Too bad she may not be reappearing (except with the transceiver) anymore… Edit:The problem was that I didn’t save the slave it seems… It was worth saving her though c:

Thanks a lot! I’ve liked Rose as a character from the beginning and I was determined to make it happen when I heard it!


Wait… I need 4/4 in Observation, Hearing and Speed to prevent Rose from dying? Is this the only way of getting the “everyone alive” achievement?


Yes, that’s the only way to get that achievement.


Yes, but in play throughs I have never been able to max out more than 4 stats.


Hi! I really LOVE the game. Im trying to get all the achievments while waiting for the second book, but i cant seem to figure out how to be able to fight the yung mage at chapter 2. I need 3stats for toughness and 1 for combat skills but im only given 3 stat points. So its impossible to fight the young mage myself?

Please give me a hint. Cant wait for book 2! :slight_smile:


Book 2 is out you know…But only the first chapter.

I believe that just with one of the two you can manage to beat him.If I recall correctly I did it only with 3 Toughness…


Hello everybody!

Does anybody know how to get the following achievements in the game:
-Stat device wielder
-Berserker mode activated
-Full immersion


Here,this will help.


Really?? How can get the second book? I mean did reach the number of achievements needed.

3 toughness… i think im just thinking that there’s a different route for that scene… but thanks for entertaining me. :slight_smile:
Keep up thw awesome work.


I am not the author.And 1 Combat Proficiency will do.If you don’t have that 3 Toughness will keep you alive.
The second book is accessible after you finish all 11 chapters,it’s pretty clear after that.


in the final chapter the banshee kept escaping from amulet and killing everybody no matter how I tried. what should I look out for?


I think that is supposed to happened



You go fight it head on, Rose will save you, remember fight, don’t say I won’t give you the pleasure. I recommend playing it yourself for the experience.


It’s possible to win without ever using toughness or strength, just max out your speed or reflex stats and dodge.


thanks! I forgot there was still a choice after she escaped so i always started replaying once I saw she is out :joy:



Thank you all for the compliments and well-wishes!


I don’t plan on working on a translation project until at least after I’ve finished the whole main series. Translating a CYOA game generates a lot of work for me in terms of coding and testing, and that would slow down my progress with writing the current chapters if I do it now.


If you still have problems advancing to the next book, it’s very likely that your game didn’t actually update to the latest version. Sometimes the update button doesn’t appear on Google Play even if your game didn’t in fact update, and you’ll find that the update is actually stuck in a queue somewhere and you need to unblock it. Other users have had problems with the update because they tried updating the game while being connected with a different Google User than the one they used when downloading the game.


You know, I have been wondering which game engine you use and why you didn’t bother with Choicescript? Is it because Google strips 30% off every purchase, not including CoG?


I used an engine called Clickteam Fusion 2.5. At its core, it is a game maker for making 2d platformers, so I wouldn’t really recommend it for anyone trying to get into text game development.

The thing is I had already bought the full version on a sale, two years ago, and I was already familiar enough with its quirks to be confident that I could make a text game with it. Choicescript was something that I would have had to learn from zero, and I wasn’t sure if it could do everything I wanted with it (like leveling up stats manually, or saving your game whenever you want) so I chose this engine because of convenience.


So,are you implying that this is actually white background while it could be an (animated) 2D game?


The reason why I’m not recommending it for text games is because the features it has are made to help people who make platformer games in particular. It’s easy to make levels, and to have a player with lives, and a score. These kinds of things.

In order to make a text game, you need to know the software’s ins and outs, and all of its hidden quirks very well, or you’ll end up with a lot of bugs that you won’t know how to fix.

As long as you know how to use it, the software can be used to make any kinds of 2d games, because it’s very versatile.


No wonder it lagged at times.
Does that mean you can make a platformer for android too? That would be pretty cool.
Thanks a lot